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May 6, 2019

Challenging Workstation requirements

Had lots of unusual system requirements, had to run AutoCAD LT, AutoDesk approved graphics card, load large aerial photo files, edit movies with Adobe Premier Elements, support legacy hardware with serial, parallel and IEEE-1394 receptacles, fast CPU, separate fast C: and normal 2TB D: drives, universal card reader, two Blu-ray disk drives and lots of USB 2 and 3 ports. Did not need to be a gaming computer. The operating system had to be Windows 10 Pro. I have Verizon Fios fiber optic internet access so the mother board needed to support high speed internet access. Gave High Speed Computing my requirements with no money limit constraints and let them figure out the best workstation that met my requirements. So it cost a little more than I expected but they used better hardware than I was expecting. Specifically a SSD C: drive larger than expected but at least I will never run out of storage space, a Display Port monitor connection that I didn't know existed, higher wattage power supply with longer Warranty, overclocked the CPU, used a liquid cooled CPU cooler, and a fan cooled graphics card. Thank goodness they did not install the free MS Office 2010 Pro Plus because then I would have to figure out how to uninstall it, I use Libre Office which is FREE.

Shipped the workstation to me all the way across the USA via FedEx ground insured. It actually arrived a day early on my front stoop. The packaging was wonderful, lots of foam. Visually inspected the interior of the workstation and everything was perfect. Since I am out of state there was no Sales Tax so that was a plus. Saved me a lot of heavy lifting if I had purchased my computer locally.

Customer Service is great, when I got everything hooked up the display didn't work. Obviously I was having an operator malfunction, so I sent an email for help. I had plugged the monitor into the Display Port receptacle on the mother board which of course didn't work because the video was coming from the graphics card, who knew? After he told me to look for the Display Port adapter cable and plug it into the graphics card all was good. Even supplied me with 2 adapter cables in case I use 2 monitors someday.

Since High Speed Computing is on top of the latest technology just let them build a Workstation that supports your computing requirements.

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