User Review of XirusCAD for Rhino

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April 9, 2019

The perfect replacement for t-splines

Since t-Spline was acquired by Autodesk I was stuck with Rhino 5 and the last release of t-Splines. I wanted to upgrade my Rhino 5 to version 6 but I could not afford to lose all the exceptional features and the versatility of t-Splines. Then XirusCAD appeared on my radar. As soon as I downloaded it I knew that was the solution to my problem. I have to admit that the software is very young, and clearly is not perfect but it provides almost all the features I need. As soon as become familiar with the XirusCAD commands I was finally able to upgrade my old Rhino 5 and now I'm a happy Rhino 6 + XirusCAD user! And I can't wait for the next release of XirusCAD!

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