User Review of LightWave 3D 2019

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March 30, 2019

LightWave 2019 is a standout

Tim Parsons
LightWave has really come into its own with 2019. Although not a huge upgrade from 2018, it really rounds some of things that have been missing from LW while still remaining easy to use. New to 2019 is a animated sculpting tool called Metamorphic which has a lot uses for anyone doing medical animations. Also new is OpenVDB ceation tools for creating cool goo etc.. An Unreal Engine bridge has been added that works really well. I have imported several of my archvis projects into Unreal from LightWave with great success. Plus there has been a bunch of other stuff added, but for me the two best additions have been the Despike setting in the render properties and the Nvidia Optix Denoiser. The Despike eliminates fireflies that are common with PBR renderers and the Denoiser cleans up your renders allowing you to back off on samples which in turn decrease your render times by 50 to 75 percent. I love the Denoiser. Also there is a new Patina shader and a bunch more material options. It's a great update. LightWave has retained its ease of use while adding some great benefits to its user base. I highly recommend LightWave to new users because of its ease of use.

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