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March 1, 2019


Jeffrey A Eckes
First let me say that the PROMISE of this program IS awesome, but for now it's really just that, a promise.

I am a professional estimator that opted to switch to Bluebeam because the ERP software we chose for the company was not compatible with the software I was using a few months ago. I began using this software with great expectations, it looked TERRIFIC! ALL THOSE FEATURES!! Well, little did I know how poor the back-end was constructed. It seems Bluebeam has become FAR too large to actually give a $&*@ about their small percentage of clients that are power users. They have also fallen prey to what I call 'Microsoft Syndrome' where you release new versions with more and more 'features', but the one feature that's most important (you know, like stability? Functionality?) are left behind since "..hey, really what percentage of our users use THAT much, right?" has become the watch-word for software developers the industry over.

Let me expound further;

The last version of 2018 Extreme had an issue with the 'last view' function. Literally the 'go back' button would bring you to random drawings after about an hour or so in a drawing. You would need to restart to fix it...for a time. It also could not save and retrieve the order of the columns. Kind of, but not really. It misses (seemingly randomly) every so often and mixes them up.

The new version crashes after 15-20 'actions' in the Markups list. I use the markup list to add short comments, change descriptions, etc. Sometimes its a lot of cut and paste, paste, paste to multiple lines. After 20 or so 'actions' the program 'not in the markups list' crashes (if you click on any other part like the drawing or menu bar) and cannot be recovered short of shutting down with the task manager. This started immediately after loading the newest update to Revue.

Tech help is mostly useless. They have NO escalation process. You get who you get, and if they cannot answer you (usually by rummaging through their poorly indexed help files) then you're SOL. It took a whole lot of 'I'm REALLY unhappy with this!" from me to get ANYWHERE near an actual answer on the most difficult stuff (I never really did, they just kept asking me for videos of the condition, with zero feedback or replies on exactly WHAT was going on) that I only got a tepid 'explainer' in my email a day or two later, which was usually; A) Wrong B) Answered a question that I did not ask C) Asked for more videos D) Blamed my system*

*Note: My system is a new P71 workstation that is as clean any computer, ever. I actually go through my task manager once a week to shut down apps that were able to get through my settings (some do) and our IT person is a Microsoft Fellow. My computer is fine



I'm sure if you are a 'light' user, it's fine. For anyone looking to use this program as a main component of your estimating department-move on to something else for now or be prepared to become a beta-tester for Bluebeam.

I do so love the PROMISE of this program, though....

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