A User Review of PolyTrans


Outdated software run by an ego-maniac

Posted by Anonymous, February 15, 2018
I suggested my work buy this product to translate CAD files. That was a mistake. First signs of trouble came when I asked how to use the software and I got a novel of text which seem to all affirm that Robert Lansdale is a genius and everyone else on the planet is stupid. A simple tutorial would have been great, like I'm used to with all the other software I use daily.
Robert Lansdale really thought it was important to "change my perceptions". He also told me at one point that this company is an experiment in human psychology.
Yikes! I just want to translate files to do my job for the company I work for.
At one point I showed him how MODO Power Translator tessellated the mesh of a part of the assembly versus his Polytrans product, and to me it was a night and day difference that the MODO Power Translator looked MUCH better. He then told me that that's my perception, but if I knew as much as he did I would know that his is more technically correct. Wow. I let him know that I'm in marketing and that my whole job revolves around perception.
At one point I was trying to cover my butt at work since I had advocated buying this product, so I asked Novaedge if I could get a refund. Robert started sending emails to people in my company telling them he couldn't work with me, and on and on. Basically trying to throw me under the bus to protect his reputation (and fragile ego).
I could go on since I archived every exchange with Robert. It's hard to believe that such a terrible company can have a place in the marketplace.
So, in summary, this product is a good idea and I wish more companies would compete against this terribly run company. The software looks like it's from the early 90's as well. There's too much Robert in Polytrans

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