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Review Title: Not ready for release

Posted by Dave Gilbert, October 19, 2017
My company just purchased two seats of Twinmotion 2018 based on a favorable trial run, but have found that it is seriously lacking in features and stability when implemented on a real project.

Our company has been using Lumion 7.5 for rendering and animation, and Unity 2017 for virtual reality. Our main reason for purchasing TM 2018 was to have a more efficient workflow for VR projects, and TM’s use of Unreal Engine seemed like the perfect solution.

While they are off to a good start, the software is nowhere near ready for release as a finished product. They claim support for the HTC Vive, but incredibly they do not yet support the Vive controllers. During our trial, we figured out that we could use Xbox controllers to teleport, but we have to reposition our Lighthouses to achieve a somewhat normal eye height, since there is no eye height adjustment in the software yet.

Another issue - my VR files kept crashing on export, and TM’s response was:

“This issue is a known bug that appears when you export the bimmotion when you have a ies light / spot light / streetlight / vehicle path (headlights) ... in your file.”

Well, that‘s a pretty big bug, and makes the software useless to us until the bug is fixed.

Since this is a brand new program based on Unreal Engine, they had to postpone development of some features that were present in their last release such as orthographic views and two-point perspective. Not surprisingly, many current TM users are upset. OK, we all understand that starting a new program from scratch is a big deal, and is bound to have many challenges. But why on earth would they release something that is so obviously unfinished? It is unconscionable for them to accept money for software that is still in alpha testing.

The only thing I can imagine is that they rushed this to market to have a plug-and-play VR solution before Lumion. Their poor judgement on this decision will cost them even more of their meager market share in the long run as users avoid or abandon them in favor of other solutions that actually work.

If anyone is still interested in purchasing this software, do yourself a favor and spend some time on the Abvent Twinmotion forums to get a feel for how many other necessary features are missing or just don’t work. People are outraged, and for good reason.
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