Rhino 6

A User Review of Rhino 6


Affordable Powerful Modeller

Posted by Benjamin Cairns, September 27, 2015
I've been uaing solidworks for the past 8 years as a die designer and wanted to give a direct modeler a try. After playing with spaceclaim/, cadkey, rhino and ptc I decided on rhino. I found it the most customizable, most cost effective and offered a lot of great tools. The community has been very responsive and helpful. The 90 day trial period allowed me to get to know the software before purchasing where as the other softwares only allowed 2 weeks to a month. I then purchased from novedge as they had the best deal I could find. I now use rhino about 50% of the time and solidworks the rest. They translate well together though are very different softwares. Some people that come from solidworks may have trouble transitioning.

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