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June 6, 2014

Great software, Novege = poor service

Sean Bollinger
Novedge didn't put a license on key dongle the sent me as was suppose to be their policy for a commercial license. I floundered for a week wasting time (and $)with different answers from every IT rep, then finally I live chatted with Chaos group in Bulgaria and they said " oh you dont have a license, heres one" and it was fixed. The best I got from Novedge was "once again Sir, I'm sorry Im dealing with user problems all the time, you probably installed it wrong, try re-installing."
Dear Bruce
We are very sorry about the delay you experienced. We already refunded the cost of the dongle. We are committed to giving all our customers the best support we can and we'll continue to review and improve our service. Thank you for sending your feedback.
-- The Novedge Team

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