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May 14, 2014

Finally All together

Stephen Antonaros
Just upgraded from 2013 Architect to 2014 Architect + Renderworks and also just finished my first project with the new package and made great use out of the Rendering features. Granted I had some wise consultant helping out since even though I started using Vectorworks before it was even Vectorworks (aka MiniCad) I never felt I was taking advantage of all it had to offer.
So, in a nutshell, this version appears to have pulled it all together and settled some long standing annoyances that actually kept me from upgrading. Rather than list them all (and so far it is a short list but important for day to day stuff) I just want to say that I finally feel like my years long investment in sticking with Vectorworks has royally paid off. Now I am going to have to upgrade my hardware to handle all those glorious renderings I am already addicted to.

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