Bluebeam Revu Standard 2018
Annual Maintenance & Support

A User Review of Bluebeam Revu Standard 2018, Annual Maintenance & Support


Why Maintenance?

Posted by Detlef Pelz, September 25, 2013
Having been a Bluebeam Revu user for many years, the team at Novedge asked me to write a short product review.

I won't go into the many great things about the program that make it the number one choice for people like me -- I'm a proofreader and copyeditor and most of my work is with PDFs -- as most if not all who read this will already be very familiar with this product's great features.

For me it has been and remains worthwhile to keep Bluebeam Revu up-to-date simply for the reason that it is being continuously improved, with many terrific changes made and features being added all the time, often in response to requests from users such as we. It is perhaps this responsiveness and inclusiveness that makes the entire package such a valuable and worthy addition to anyone's toolkit.

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