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November 29, 2012

I wish that I had bought this sooner...

Scott Montgomery
I had delayed a purchase of Rhino for some time. My concern had been that I had no previous experience with any type of CAD program. It seemed to be a real possibility that I would become frustrated and discouraged, and wind up wasting the money- the programs are not being used as part of my employment, but as more of a learning tool, and hobby.

Prior to this purchase, I spent a very brief amount of time with an evaluation version of Rhino, Rhinoworks, and Flamingo. With much trepidation, I bought a fairly competent laptop, Rhino 5, and Brazil 2. I am also running the Bongo 2 Beta. Although Flamingo was straight forward to use, I decided on Brazil.

It has been a few weeks, now, with only about 8 hours a week available to sit down to the programs. I feel very comfortable with Rhino. Although I could benefit a great deal from some direct instruction, it is quite simple to model mechanical assemblies. I really will need to read some publications on rendering, but I can at least generate plausible renders with Brazil. In addition to these, the Bongo 2 Beta is running on my system. I wish that I had worked with it prior to Rhinoworks- I keep getting a bit confused, but it is becoming more intuitive.

I apologize for the constant reference to "I", but I want to emphasize to other novices considering any of these programs that they can be used somewhat well with no prior experience. It will be interesting to see what skill level I may achieve over the next few months,but, at present, I am delighted with the bundle of Rhino 5 and Brazil. When Bongo 2 is available for purchase, I will contact Novedge to place an order immediately.

Novedge has provided excellent support, as well.

My only regret is that I delayed in my decision to make this purchase. Between the computer and the bundle, I was simply hesitant do to my inexperience.

All of the programs, Rhino 5, Bongo2 Beta, and Brazil 2 Beta, are being run in 64 bit. There have been no difficulties experienced at all. Rhino 5 is a new version, and I anticipated potential issues. At present, none have been encountered. Brazil was purchased, and the licence is allowing me to run a Beta, as well. The Brazil Beta has worked well, and when an upgrade is available for a commercial release, I will be placing an order with Novedge. As stated previously, I will be doing the same for Bongo 2 when the commercial release is available.

These are being run on Windows 7, 64 bit. The display is a Nvidia Quadro K2000M. Memory is 8GB, and I will eventually be adding more. It does not appear to be necessary, but some mechanical drawings are going to become very large fairly soon.

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