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April 29, 2012

dream coming true

Alan Randall
I work at a university in Custodial services where I've been privileged to learn about computers from students and professors (luckily the computer lab. is in my building) since 1989. During this time I've secured some part time work using parametric 3D modelers for a steel fabricating company. This augmented the hobby and allowed the purchase of a decent hardware system and the desire has grown for decades to learn free form modeling. Rhino was the dream for many years and I was happy to learn that although I work in a low level capacity at the university, I still qualified for an educational discount. This program is much easier to learn from the get go than Solid Edge and even Alibre which still gets some use these days. The tutorials are awesome so far and the work flow is intuitive IMHO. My only regret is that Alibre and T-Splines (another dream for the future) were bought out by companies hostile to the concept of interoperable software applications. It would have been great to have easier interaction between them and Rhino. Notwithstanding, I'm very grateful to Robert McNeel and Associates for making the present experience possible for this dust grubbing janitor :-)

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