User Review of MoI 3

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July 24, 2011

The best NURBS modeler for artists.

First of all, let me thank the author of the software who on a Saturday morning sent me a link to an extended trial version so I could work through the weekend before receiving the final serial number from Novedge.

I've tried all kinds of softwares for modeling basic geometric objects and there is absolutely nothing like Moi3D. You can easily create any complex object by just drawing 2D shapes. Not even 3D softwares that cost 5k manage to be as intuitive and simple as Moi3D. The interface is fantastic. All the tools and shortcuts are just where they should be.

My only complain is that there are a few bugs that are quite annoying. And many of the commands don't always work as expected, and you have to keep playing with the 3D object until the command behaves as it should. I also wished it had more modeling tools. The tool box is quite limited. Solving these issues it would easily get 5 stars.

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