ZBrush 2019

A User Review of ZBrush 2019


Great product - but a mac problem at 3.12

Posted by Michael Pick, February 6, 2009
Zbrush is everything the hype would have you believe - a truly incredible way of working in 3D from an artistic approach rather than that of an engineer.

There is a problem, though, with the current version on mac (this is supposed to be fixed in 3.5, coming this year), and that is that displacement map export is essentially broken. As Zbrush will be used by a lot of people to export displacement maps to their other 3D apps, this is quite a big one. There are work arounds, and Pixologic provided me with a temporary windows license to use in Parallels/bootcamp until the issue is addressed, but this is worth bearing in mind if you are buying Zbrush on a mac for this reason.

Otherwise, incredible.

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