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3d max

Posted by Jamesminichini@yahoo.Com Minichini, January 2, 2008
this program is a nightmare . the most simplist things are not easy to do . to draw a line , it's like akids game with a BIG price tag . like these pre created elements . i had a atari 1040 many years ago and a program called cybersculpt which had a much better working concept then 3d max and atari user mag had a free 3d prg rezrender that was useful. you can't add splines and the points to pull them in different directions {vertex ? } if you could I couldn't find it . to just draw then have the option to snap to grid points, i could go on & on about basic working ideas that i spent hundreds of hours sampling this toy trash game and couldn't find the answer to . i'm also very resentful for people like me who have to voluteerly help you perfect your million dollar product .it makes me wonder if your company ran by one of those radical groups that want to make everything disfunctional

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