Cinema 4D Studio R20

A User Review of Cinema 4D Studio R20


Documentaion lacking

Posted by Bruce Kaiser, January 4, 2007
Being old school graphic designer that's new to 3D, I bought this program knowing it's probably way more than I need now, but I wanted to learn something once and have a program that I could grow into. Also, the reviews that I read said that this was one of the most user friendly of the "serious" 3D programs. That may be true but I am really struggling because of the lack of any kind of printed or even online R10 manual. I thought they just weren't out with it yet. but they said they aren't producing any more manuals, instead using a "mouse over" style help system. Frankly, this stinks for a $800 program. I want a book I can sit down at night or on the john and study. Or at least print out what I need. At least you are able to print out the last R9.5 manual, but R10 is a major revision, so even though you have the 9.5 manual, you have to figure out where everything is in the new interface. And a newbie would certainly bennefit from an Adobe like simple tool identification system so you would at least know what to look for. I'm sure once I figure it out (probably by R20) I'll really love what it can do.

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