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November 30, 2006

Excellent but pricey

Nenad Stjepanovic
I must say that Cinema 4D 10 without radiosity solution, caustics, HDRI, Sketch & Toon, and at least some dynamics is one-eye horse no matter how good that other eye is. What does this mean? Basically without modules that are sold separately you will have a lovely application that will do just half-way for your project so you would have to look elsewhere for animation, realistic or abstract rendering etc. It's pretty mind boggling. If you decide to add all these features you will be spending a lot of money, and we are not even getting into advanced animation such as in Maya and Xsi which are excellent all-round packages. But in comparison to Modo or non-inclusive packages, it rocks, although Modo has radiosity, caustics & HDRI included.
It's matter of preference. Also Cinema 4D is both nurbs and polygonal / subdivisional modeller. Modo is only subdivisional. However, if you are producing illustration work that is both technical and free flowing, organic I would say that both apps are not right choice since none can at least import dxf/dwg files. Cinema 4D has a 3rd party solution but it is extremely expensive. I would also add that Cinema 4D is much more precise tool but Lightwave is even more precise with inexpensive add-on (lwcad tools) if you buy a bundle. But then again gui in lightwave is very unique which might be a problem for certain people. I personaly like it very much (toned down no nosense).

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