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August 31, 2006

Cinema4D vs Lightwave 9

E. Johann
I tried many 3D packages: Maya 7 PLE, Lightwave 9 and Cinema4D, Cheetah3D, Blender3D, and Wings. These packges have about 5 areas:
1. Modeling easy of use,
2. features/tools avilable,
3. Animation,
4. Render speed,
5. Render Quality.
First Lightwave 9 probably has the best bang for the buck for fullest set of features and render quality, but it has the worst UI so I was forced to look elsewhere. Cinema4D has one of the nicest UI's around. The features are add-on packages, so this doesn't give me the best bang for the buck. If Body-paint and sketch and toon was incuded free it would be a Lightwave killer app. Other apps like Cheetah3d are like a poormans Cinema4D. Cinema4D was ahead of its time with a well designed UI, and now this model is becoming a de-facto standard with newer packages such as Modo as we enter into the next generation of 3D.

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