3ds Max 2020
1-Year Subscription

A User Review of 3ds Max 2020, 1-Year Subscription


3ds Max is not frendly to students!

Posted by Linda Jacobs, August 31, 2006
I recently downloaded the 3ds Max to help me with my school project and to see about purchasing a copy for my own personal use. I found the program to be missing much of what I needed - no material library and when I used the program on my computer, it had to re-configure quite a few program elements to fit my pc. Then, when I took my work to school to work on my project, the re-configuration didn't transfer to the computer at school. My work came out awful. I wasn't pleased at all. I uninstalled the program you sent several days ago. If it's not compatible with the 3ds Max program at school, I feel it would not be compatible with 3ds Max programs on other computers, say, as in a company I go to work for. Thank you for allowing me the 30-day trial, but I'm not interested in purchasing the program for future use.

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