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RPS 3D PDF: Create interactive 3D PDF documents from SketchUp models.
RPS 3D PDFRPS 3D PDF will take your Google SketchUp documents and turn them into 3D PDF files which you can then post on a web page, or send to clients. This can be run directly from Google SketchUp Pro, using "Export 3D Model". It can also be used with Google SketchUp (free version), by saving a .SKP file and loading it directly into RPS 3D PDF.
RPS 3D PDF uses a new method create the PDF background, and supports a large variety of fonts and sizes. Also, RPS 3D PDF allows you to create batch files to automate the creation of 3D PDFs.
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Integration with SketchUp
Integration with Revit
iRender Features
Lighting Presets Tab
SketchUp Materials
Material Wizard
SketchUp Components
IRender Ready Content
Sun and Shadows
HDRI Skies
Reflections and Mirrors
Indirect Light
Edge Highlighting
Lamps and Light Fixtures
Batch Rendering
IRender nXt Plant Library
IRender nXt Material Library
Advanced Reflection Properties
Uses Material Wizard
Automatic Bump Maps
Procedural Bump Maps
Caustic Illumination
Daylight Portals
Object Properties
Additional Laptop License

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of RPS 3D PDF requires SketchUp.

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