Fast, Automatic Chroma-keying

Red Giant Primatte KeyerQuality, speed, control. That's what you need from a professional chromakey tool and Red Giant Primatte Keyer delivers. Red Giant Primatte Keyer gives new levels of automation and efficiency with a reorganized interface, default settings that give great results, and tools to quickly tweak your key. An improved Auto Compute and the new Adjust Light tool are the special sauce in Primatte , creating an accurate key in a few clicks. Use the new Hybrid Matte for unprecedented control in keeping matte edges clean and a new Smart Sample algorithm for smarter foreground selection. Whether you are creating a documentary film, an indie production, news station promo or music video, Red Giant Primatte Keyer is an industry-loved solution that unlocks the secret to an easy, automatic key.
Red Giant Primatte Keyer makes it easy to remove a green-screen or blue-screen background, often with the touch of a single button. But, while Red Giant Primatte Keyer has only previously been available to After Effects users, Red Giant Primatte Keyer opens up our powerful chroma keying tools to editors.

What's New

  • New Host Apps:Red Giant Primatte Keyeris now compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro , Final Cut Pro X and Motion
  • Improved Auto Compute generates an accurate key in seconds
  • New Smart Sample algorithm for refined foreground sampling
  • Two new View modes help visualize your composite while building it
  • New Hybrid Matte feature for generating cleaner matte edges
  • New Adjust Light evens the background screen color for better selection


  • Popular chromakey technology used in major films like Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Harry Potter, King Kong and Spider-Man
  • Professional options to create mattes for any object shot against any solid color, even difficult shots like blue jeans against a bluescreen
  • Convincingly place people, products, or cinematic elements into any background
  • Create great keys even when you have problem footage with uneven lighting, grainy clips or compression artifacts
  • For over 15 years, Primatte has been a well known, tried-and-true staple of the compositing industry


Less Work, More Automation
Red Giant Primatte Keyer has three automatic tools that give you more choices. Auto Compute is now an easy-to-access button with an improved algorithm and spot-on default settings. Adjust Light is brand new tool that evens out background colors for accurate background removal. Another new feature, Smart Sample, generates great results using smart foreground sampling and a histogram pass. The power of Red Giant Primatte Keyer now comes in fewer clicks.
A Quality Key At your Fingertips
Red Giant Primatte Keyer was created for the professional artist, and this version wraps in more specialized tools for an industry that demands perfect composites. Get high quality keys for any color background with new features like Hybrid alongside dependable tools like Alpha Control. Two new View modes, Adjust Light and Hybrid Matte, help visualize the matte so you can accurately fill transparency holes and clean up edges. A reorganized interface makes it easier than ever to get the perfect key, leaving you more time for what you love most.
Professional Keys For Every Composite
The zen of compositing a shot comes in making the foreground and background coexist, and Red Giant Primatte Keyer is designed to sell the realism of your composite. In every chromakey situation, Primatte tackles keying challenges like uneven lighting, compression artifacts, grainy clips, screen seams, subtle shadows and edge light contamination. Primatte is especially great at preserving soft edges like flyaway hair, removing spill without losing image quality, and working around difficult areas like glass, fabric and fur.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Red Giant Primatte Keyer requires Apple Final Cut, Apple Motion and/or
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