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Red Giant Knoll Light Factory

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3D Lens Flares for Motion Graphics and VFX

Red Giant Knoll Light FactoryRed Giant Red Giant Knoll Light Factory has long been Hollywood's favorite way to add color, depth and excitement to a scene. Now ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll has created an all-new light effects tool by adding his lens flare technology from recent feature films. With Red Giant Knoll Light Factory 3, you get new features like realistic flare elements, time-saving animation behaviors, a redesigned interface, and over 130 beautifully designed presets. John Knoll's new technology delivers the sexiness of lens flares while creating believable, accurate results.


Use Knoll Light Factory to enhance motion graphics, visual effects, music videos, product spots, transitions and more.
Knoll Light Factory 3 is fully After Effects camera-aware, and can be easily linked with one or more lights in your AE comp.
Automated flare behaviors, including pulsing, flickering, strobing and more. Works with multiple flares for creating complex animation.
Add dirt and grime to your lenses, for even more realism. Flares light up one of 12 textures including: Bokeh, dust, scratches and more.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Red Giant Knoll Light Factory requires :
After Effects Creative CloudCreate incredible motion graphics and visual effects.408Add to Cart Product 1881
Premiere Pro Creative CloudMake visually stunning videos virtually anywhere.408Add to Cart Product 9122
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Red Giant Knoll Light Factory
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