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Holomatrix: Sci-fi holograms and digital distortion for After Effects

Red Giant Red Giant Holomatrix lets you control your reality and offers a new dimension in effect generation. Now you can get the look of your favorite hologram effect in After Effects in just two clicks. The package includes over 30 presets that turn ordinary footage into animated sci-fi holograms, mimics bad TV reception and creates realistic looking digital signage.


30 high-quality presets
Get started right away with presets that include Ghost, Bad Reception, Security Cam and more.
Save time
Creates complex holographic looks and animations in seconds that would take hours to reproduce by hand.
Straight from the experts
Red Giant Holomatrix was designed by After Effects gurus Dan Ebberts and Aharon Rabinowitz.
Flexibility and customization
Get real control by fine-tuning over 80 properties to get just the look you want.
Tested with the latest
Red Giant Red Giant Holomatrix works in After Effects CS3 and CS4.
Simplified user interface
A single interface handles the complexities of sophisticated scripts and 15 effects.
Extensive randomization
Simply tell Red Giant Holomatrix the likelihood of any effect, and it will randomizes when and how often that happens.
Scalable effects
Red Giant Holomatrix easily accommodates different resolutions with effortless scaling.
Digital signes and screens
Red Giant Holomatrix enhances the look of your virtual heads-up display with different effects and behaviors.
Bed reciptions
Red Giant Holomatrix messes up your footage with features like color noise, static, TV roll, image ghosting and color separation, either randomized or keyframed.

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