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ArionFX for Nuke: Physically-based optic effects for Nuke
ArionFX for Nuke 3.5ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 is a versatile tool that offers a variety of key HDR image processing algorithms designed to function in floating-point 32-bit HDR data. Remarkably, ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 operates in Linear Workflow, not washing out your image, and respecting its full dynamic range at all times. Whether you are a filmmaker or a CGI artist seeking for advanced HDR tonemapping, firefly removal, glare, bloom, ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 is a must in your toolchain.


Bloom and Glare
Doing proper Bloom and Glare effects in post-processing is not an easy task. ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 simulates those effects physically, computing light diffraction based on the iris shape and the raw intensity of pixels in the image (with an optional HDR upcast pass). Bloom is perfectly suited to simulate soft-focus lenses or the light overflow caused by a circular aperture. Glare produces beautiful lens diffraction branches and fringing. It can even be mapped with obstacle and dirt maps to add even more realism or an original artistic look.
Chromatic aberration & vignetting
Old, cheap and very wide angle lenses often exhibit a vignetting effect, the brightness reduction at the periphery of the image due to the lens body blocking some light and chromatic aberration which is the result of incorrect focusing on the film of light entering the lens. Although typically unwanted in photography, these effects are often used by CGI artists as they easily give an authentic photo-look to computer generated images. In the real world, vignetting is often an inseparable companion of chromatic aberration. It is, however, not very easy to achieve all these manually by shifting color channels or by masking the image radially. ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 simulates these effects accurately in full high dynamic range.
Hotpixel and firefly removal
RandomControl's proprietary despeckler algorithm analyzes the image for pixels (or clusters of pixels) with a luminance that can be considered to be 'out of range' and which most likely form a firefly or an artifact. Such hotspots are common residuals from unfinished renders made in Path Tracing renderers. They are often difficult to remove manually or automatically without damaging the image. Because the ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 Despeckler works on the context surrounding each pixel, it is capable of removing fireflies without damaging legitimate features of the image. The tolerance of such behavior can be controlled with a cluster size and certain thresholds, to corner larger than 1px hotspots without sacrificing legitimate features such as specular highlights.
Aperture, obstacle an dirt maps
ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 supports custom aperture, obstacle and dirt maps. Old, cheap and very wide angle lenses often exhibit a vignetting effect, which is a brightness reduction at the periphery of the image due to the lens body blocking some light. And also chromatic aberration which is the result of incorrect focusing on the film of light entering the lens.
HDR upcast to accentuate lens effects
Sometimes the dynamic range of the input image is not enough to achieve the amount of glare and bloom that you are after. HDR upcast allows to set a threshold for luminance to pump up or dim out the contribution of certain pixels in lens effects.
Color grading
Color grading can greatly enhance your images by modulating the color channels directly from the ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 User Interface in full 32-bit floating-point precision. ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 color grading works on all channels at once, or selectively and non-destructively on shadows, midtones and highlights.
ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 allows you to select the colorspace embedded in the file as well as the colorspace to use for the final output independently. Respecting the input and output colorspaces ensures that the output file seamlessly matches any pre or post-production workflow.
Many applications provide tone-mapping operators for high dynamic range images, but none like ArionFX for Nuke 3.5. Five different operators ensure that every possible high dynamic range situation is easily handled by ArionFX. ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 provides several standard operators such as Reinhard 2002 and 2005 and their local variants, but also RandomControl's in-house '14 local operator, considered the most capable of all. If you have a high dynamic range image, ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 can process it and reveal all the details hidden in under-exposed and over-exposed areas of your picture.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of ArionFX for Nuke 3.5 requires Nuke v9 or v10 (64-bit).

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