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Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v19
DVD Edition
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Punch SoftwarePunch SoftwarePunch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v19 - DVD EditionPunch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v19 - DVD EditionThe Most Powerful and Comprehensive Architectural Suite Package95100379.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v19
DVD Edition

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v19 -- DVD Edition

The Most Powerful and Comprehensive Architectural Suite Package

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v19 DVD Edition is a quantum-leap in performance and realism over any other competitive product. Its 3D redraw speeds are up to four times faster than the competition -- allowing Hollywood-style walk or fly-through in real time! You'll be amazed at the power, versatility, realism you'll have at your fingertips. Punch! Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series v19 has more explosive power, performance, and realism than ever before, including enhanced editing tools and added features to customize and expedite your designs.


3D Custom Workshop Pro
This integrated CAD feature helps you create, edit, import, & export custom objects.
Edge Treatment
Blending and chamfering with 3D Custom Workshop Pro. Use these advanced tools to blend object edges, chamfer by length or angle.
Boolean Operations
With 3D Custom Workshop Pro perform addition and subtraction operations to quickly merge or remove surface areas.
LogiCursor Technology
With 3D Custom Workshop Pro, Patented technology that predicts your next move and actually thinks, as you draw!
Aerial Views (top down)
This new viewing option provides a helpful overview of your design to assist with interior planning. etc.
Color Sampling
Interior decorator's color matching tool lets you sample the color of any object, then perfectly coordinate your room's walls, trim, carpet, etc. with complementary colors.
Ceiling Designer
Templates are included, so you can easily create custom ceiling designs to top off your plan, including set trays, domes, gables, beams, etc.
Mantel Designer
Get started fast with included templates, then choose custom styles and trim to create a unique, detailed mantel.
Reflections with Previews
Add reflections to objects, floors, etc., which brings your design to life with added realism.
Data Sharing with Sketchup, 3D Studio, & Adobe Illustrator
Import predrawn objects—thousands available on the web—to convert and use in your Punch! drawings.
Bay Wall Tool
Easily create bays and alcoves; use with the dormer tool for attics.
One Click Day to Night
Advanced lighting option allows you to change the lighting in your design from day to night with one simple click of the mouse.


  • Ceiling Designer
  • Mantel Designer
  • Room Wizard
  • GSP Sun Angle
  • Pool Designer
  • Fireplace Wizard
  • Window & Door Designers
  • .DXF/.DWG Import/Export
  • Trim Designer
  • Roofing Wizard
  • Deck Designer with Deck Wizard
  • Site Planner
  • Topo Designer
  • Animator
  • Cabinet Wizard
  • PhotoView
  • PhotoView Editor
  • Plant Editor
  • Material Workshop
  • Elevation Editor
  • 3D Custom Workshop
  • 3D Custom Workshop Pro
  • RealModel
  • Layout Manager
  • Framing Editor
  • Fence Designer
  • Estimator
  • Symbol Editor
  • Section Detailer

Key Features and Benefits

  • 2D/3D Exterior home design
  • 2D/3D Interior home design
  • 2D/3D Landscape design
  • Color Sampling
  • One click day to night lighting
  • Aerial views
  • Auto Elevation control
  • Plant Inventory Bar
  • Reflections
  • Automatic plant growth tool
  • Punch! Master Landscape Pro & Home Design integrated
  • Punch! Interior Design Suite Integrated
  • Skylight & Dormer Cutout tools
  • Deck Cutout tool
  • Brand name content
  • Decorator Palette
  • Accessories
  • Handicapped access & Solar symbols
  • Compass
  • Precision sizing
  • Precision Lighting Planner & Effects
  • Expanded plant library
  • 3DS Import
  • Foundation planner
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Ultimate Deck – deck design
  • Wainscoting
  • Object Organizer
  • 3D Cutaway Slider
  • ClearView
  • Sprinkler system design
  • PlantFinder
  • Detail Creator
  • 2D Elevations
  • Standard or Custom roofs
  • Custom door and window styles
  • Expanded measurements—supports fractions
  • Log home objects
  • Video (tool tip) tutorials
  • Getting started tutorials
  • Convert-2-3D
  • Enhanced file import/export support
  • FREE Punch! Developer Kit available
  • AutoFraming
  • Floor Plan Trace
  • Interior material library
  • Exterior material library – siding, brick, rock, paint, stucco, block, wood, mulch, gravel, concrete, roofing, ground cover and much more!
  • Virtual Ruler
  • Landscape topography
  • Fences, gates, and edging
  • Interior furniture objects
  • Exterior furniture objects
  • Automatic stair & railing generator
  • Automatic curved stair generator
  • Photo-realistic anti-aliasing
  • Definable sun location for shadows
  • Automatic floor plan dimensioning
  • Editable 3D house plans
  • Editable 3D deck & room templates – including kitchen, garage, dining, bath, bedroom, closet and handicap access 2D/3D CAD furniture design
  • English or metric measurements
  • Schedules – including framing, window, door, roofing, and more!

This Product is Also Known As

  • Home Design Architectural 5000

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