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progeCAD Architecture 2014
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progeCAD Architecture 2014
Digital Delivery


Draw faster and easier in 3D & 2D

progeCAD Architecture 2014 Digital Delivery is a 3D and 2D Architectural software using DWG as its native file format. Very intuitive, its powerful BIM technology helps you to draw faster and easier in 3D and 2D.
Easy use for AutoCAD or progeCAD users and 100% DWG compatible, progeCAD Architecture 2014 is IFC 2x3 Full compatible: share your projects with other BIM software like Autodesk Revit, AchiCAD, Allplan, etc.
Either in 3D or 2D view, progeCAD Architecture 2014 provides you with intelligent and parametric objects libraries to draw buildings, houses or interiors : walls, windows, doors, stairs, balconies, roofs. Pick a shape and modify its dimensions.


  • DWG compatibility combined with the innovative BIM approach
  • Advanced BIM structure to continuously update the project drawings (sections, views, perspectives, etc) while keeping any interventions made by the user (insertion of library items, text, annotation, etc).
  • Similar approach to Revit or Archicad.
  • Projects interchange with BIM software through IFC files.
  • Project drawings smart explorer (tree-view browser of the drawings).
  • Advanced rendering performances based on OpenGL, as well as real time virtual walk through of the rendered model.
  • Photorealistic module that produces high-quality photorealistic scenes wiht a rich library of real materials with texture (e.g. marble, wood, stone, carpets etc), which can be selected and easily edited.
  • Enhanced roof modeler with unlimited options to design any type of roof structure and add components such as attics, lofts, skylights, inclined openings and many others.
  • Intelligent design to create even more building entities (i.e. chimneys, pergolas and others).
  • Significant improvements regarding architectural design refinements (i.e. smart automatic unions between building objects only if necessary, optional hiding of the wall/slab lines on the views or sections, object definition through polylines in every dialog, etc), as well as the topographical design (fully automatic creation of triangles to create the ground model).
  • Unrivaled performance due to the brand new high speed IntelliCAD v.6.6 engine.
  • Other new enhancements include: new interface, properties panel, polar tracking, and many others.
  • Blocks libraries 2D and 3D
  • Automatic dimensioning, 3D furniture libraries and walkthrough videos, bill of materials, 3D ground generation and excavation and more.
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