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progeCAD 2016 Professional
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progeSOFTprogeSOFTprogeCAD 2016 Professional - Digital DeliveryprogeCAD 2016 Professional - Digital DeliveryAn Easy Replacement for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LTBID-95-29984.02499.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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progeCAD 2016 Professional
Digital Delivery

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An Easy Replacement for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT

progeCAD 2016 Professional Digital Delivery, powered by IntelliCAD, is an AutoCAD Industry compatible 2D/3D CAD application that works with AutoCAD DWG files, from AutoCAD 2.5 through AutoCAD 2008. progeCAD 2016 Professional the advanced version of progeCAD, supports ACIS Solid Modeling, hybrid raster editing including polygon clip, Raster to Vector, photorealistic rendering with materials, AutoCAD VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), and so much more! progeCAD 2016 Professional supports every important AutoCAD file type and can easily be converted using any conversion program which can convert DWG and/or DXF.

Key Features and Benefits

AutoCAD 2.5 - Current Version Drawing Files
Read and write native AutoCAD DWG files from versions 2.6 all the way through the latest version.
Xref Manager
A comfortable interface for the management of external references.
Bitmap/Raster View
progeCAD 2016 Professional supports DWG with images, photo, raster editing/visualization.
Bitmap Clipping
Clip and polygonal clip on images.
ACIS Solid Modeling
Creation and editing of ACIS Solids.
Advanced Printing Features
Printing features and support for STB/CTB AutoCAD configuration files.
Advanced rendering module with the management of multiple lights and the creation/editing of materials based on imported external bitmaps, reflection, mirror, transparency, smooth shadows, customizable size bitmap output.
Properties Bar
AutoCAD like Toolbar for Layers, Linetypes, Colors and Line Width management.
progeSOFT Wblock Manager
Tool for the improved creation of blocks on disk.
progeSOFT Drawing Wizard
Initial configuration mask of new designs based on prototypes or predefined values.
progeSOFT DWG Explorer
Windows Explorer style windows for DWG browsing and block insertion.
Management of multiple layouts allows the creation of all print tables of the same design and guarantees a greater compatibility with AutoCAD.
Raster to Vector
progeCAD 2016 Professional includes WinTopo raster to vector tool.
Advanced Layout Features
  • Hide on Layout
  • Shade on Layout
  • Selection of Model Space with Double-Click
  • Layout Tabs
PDF Format Printing
progeCAD 2016 Professional automatically adds a virtual printer which can produce PDF files without the need to own Adobe Arobat.
DWF Import & Export
progeCAD 2016 Professional read and write standard DWF files.
RealTime Pan & Zoom
progeCAD 2016 Professional allows users to work with their drawings using RealTime Pan and Zoom and also the exclusive PprogeSOFT's PPan Technology allow dramatic improvements with Pan movements.
Lineweight for Display and Printing
Lineweight is supported on Video and Plot.
ActiveX Integration
Insert IntelliCAD drawings (or just parts of them) into a Microsoft Office application file.
Customization (Autolisp, SDS, COM Automation)
progeCAD 2016 Professional supports 3 programming languages. LISP and SDS (C++) VBA and COM automation.
Script Recorder
Like a macro in Word, a script mimics what you type, including command names, options, and coordinates.
ALE, Block Library Management
progeCAD 2016 Professional contains the full version of ALE, the progeSOFT's powerful module for Blocks management. There are more than 10.000 blocks available including:
  • Architectural
  • ANSI-ISO and DIN_ISO Mechanical
  • Electrical components
  • 3D Kitchen Furnishing
  • Oleodynamics and Pneumatics
Unlimited "Undo" & "Redo"
progeCAD 2016 Professional lets you "Undo and "Redo" an unlimited number of editing actions.
The printing of 3D designs with hidden lines and integration with layout.
Editable Hatch.
External VBA Files
Ability to load and unload external Visual Basic files.

Support & Maintenance

progeCAD 2016 Professional Digital Delivery includes PDF documentation and Help, Advanced Technical (TSL2) Support for the first 30 days, and Basic Technical Support (TSL1) for one year.
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