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Brazil works great with Rhino 5

I am pretty thrilled with this program. I have used VRay with Rhino for years. I was hesitant to switch to Brazil when I upgraded to 64 bit Rhino 5 but I am glad I finally did. Brazil is intuitive to use with Rhino 5. I find it fits my needs better than any rendering package I have used. The interface is seamless and the results are outstanding.

Powerful but complex tool for Rhino

This program produces AMAZINGLY photo real images. However, and this is a big however, only having rendering experience with Flamingo prior to purchasing Brazil for Rhino, getting into Brazil was a serious and very frustrating challenge. A challenge well worth the effort though. If you do not already know what the following functions of a high end renderer are: photon map, final gathering, shader, spherical HRI mapping, image lighting, then do yourself a huge favor and get Digital Lighting and Rendering (2nd Edition) by Jeremy Birn (or something else like it) and read it cover to cover. It takes you through all the terminology and explains what the copious adjustments in Brazil actually do. I feel as if I have a long way to go but this software is really capable of going all the way to producing completely photo real images.

Intuitively streamlined and unobstrusive

Runs fine on WinXP. No crashes. Allows to assign colors and materials to objects in a parallel mode , without changing colors in object properties in mainstream work area. Main workload in rendering process is on processor of course. The more power your dual core has, the faster rendering you get. Allowes to make most of your 3D work by vizualizing it on high level even by a non professional 3D artist.

Brazil Review

Love the results. Only complaint, is I wish it came with a tutorial book, and full materials' library. Seems limited on the tutorials and literature on the exact functions of all controls.

Excellent Rendering but Complex

I suppose all things good tend to be complex - and expensive. Brazil is not difficult to learn to use at the basic level, but since there are so many options, tweaks, etc, getting the results you really want can take time. The most challenging are the material editors. Producing materials can be confusing, and none come loaded with the software. I think that is one of my only gripes.
It can produce some amazing images, however, that just blow away the competition, particularly Flamingo, which just doesn't have the quality results. I really appreciate the lighting effects and ability to set subtle image values in many different and unique ways.