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Magic Bullet Mojo II

Magic Bullet Mojo II: A Cinematic Color Grade in Seconds

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Magic Bullet Mojo IIquickly delivers the subtle coloring effect often found in blockbuster movies, warming up actors' skin tones while adding a cool blue to backgrounds and shadows. The trick is to keep your talent in focus beneath the color treatment, and Magic Bullet Mojo IIdoes this with simple sliders that add drama and smooth contrast to any shot. Warm It. Bleach it. Punch It. Magic Bullet Mojo IImakes your footage pop in seconds.


As soon as you apply Mojo, your footage looks better. Pick from one of the 14 built-in presets based on popular movies. Then, with just a few simple sliders, make the look your own, as well as correct exposure and color balance. Mojo plays back in real time, so it never slows you down.

Skin Tones

Mojo II makes people look great by emphasizing skin tones and pushing other colors toward a complimentary, cooler tone. Dedicated controls for skin color makes it easy to keep your on-camera talent looking their best.


GPU Accelleration
Mojo II supports OpenGL/OpenCL (Mercury Playback) allowing you to work in real time playback.
My Footage Is...(New)
Mojo II Includes a new "My Footage Is" pulldown, which makes sure you get the best possible results regardless of which format you choose to shoot in. Choose from Video, Flat, Log, Pro and Log to start your color grade right.
Vignette (New)
Add or remove vignetting with this new, foolproof tool. Results mimic real-world lenses, and always look great.
Exposure (New)
Control the amount of light passed into Mojo before color grading.
Color Temperature (New)
Warm up or cool down your footage with a simple slider, that pushes your footage into the oranges or blues. Useful for correcting the warm or cool color cast from different light sources.
Gently fine-tune color tint in your shot. Useful for correcting the magenta or green color cast from different light sources.
Strength Control (New)
Need to dial back the Mojo a little? The new Strength slider makes it easy to ease back on the mojo to allow some of the original color to come back in.

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