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Fusion 360 - Single-User Subscription

Get access to generative design technologies, advanced 3D simulation, and 5-axis CAM. Fully integrated with Inventor Pro

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Fusion 360  is is the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind. It connects your entire product development process in a single cloud-based platform that works on both Mac and PC.


Generative Design
  • Generate and explore designs - Simultaneously generate multiple process and performance-aware design options in the cloud.
  • Optimize designs and materials - Evaluate data for each design option to make decisions based on the various tradeoffs that are most critical to your needs.
  • Export CAD-ready files - Choose a generative design outcome to export using cloud credits, and import the CAD-ready geometries into Fusion 360.
Advanced Simulation
  • Advanced analysis tools - Use bolt connectors, multiple load cases, and rigid elements in simulation tests or simplify designs by cloning, removing faces, and replacing with primitives.
  • Buckling - Predict unexpected failure modes for slender members under compression using cloud simulation.
  • Nonlinear stress - Analyze permanent deformations and nonlinear materials using cloud simulation.
  • Shape optimization - Identify unnecessary regions in your design for light weighting using cloud simulation.
Advanced Manufacturing
  • Probing - Leverage on machine probes to locate work offsets.
  • 3+2 machining (5-axis positional) - Reduce the setups required for your job by positioning the stock in different directions through a combination of A, B, or C axis motions.
  • 4-axis machining - Rotate the part using the A axis of your machine to create toolpaths for 4 axis indexing or wrap toolpaths.
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining - Set up 5-axis operations with tilting, swarf, and multi-axis contour.
Subscription Services
  • Continuous updates - Fusion 360 updates continuously so that you can access to the latest technology at no extra cost.
  • Forum, email, and phone support - Support from the Fusion 360 team on the forums, direct email, and phone support services.
  • Flexible subscriptions with cloud credits options - Annual and monthly subscriptions are available, and include cloud credits with purchase.
  • Parametric modeling - Create history-based features (i.e. extrude, revolve, loft, sweep) that update with design changes.
  • Sheet metal - Design sheet metal components using sheet metal rules. Document and manufacture flat patterns using 2D drawings and cutting strategies.
  • Freeform modeling - Create complex sub-divisional surfaces with T-Splines, and increase the density of T-Spline faces.
  • Direct modeling - Edit or repair imported geometry from non-native file formats.
  • Mesh modeling - Edit and repair imported scans or mesh models (i.e. STL, OBJ files).
  • Surface modeling - Create and edit complex parametric surfaces for repairing, patching, or designing geometry.
  • Assemblies - Design assemblies with a traditional bottom-up or top-down approach and analyze assembly motion.
  • PCB design integration - Design the PCB object directly in Fusion 360. Synchronize bi-directional changes from your electronics designs seamlessly with Autodesk EAGLE interoperability.
  • 2D manufacturing drawings - Document manufacturing specifications using integrated, associative drawings for parts and assemblies.
  • Animations - Communicate your designs with 3D exploded views and animations to show design assembly.
  • Renderings - Create photo-realistic images of your model, leveraging local or cloud computing.
Data Management & Collaboration
  • Version management - View or promote previous versions with automatic or manual version control.
  • Commenting & redlining - Capture and markup decisions made in the design process directly on the design.
  • Public or private design sharing - Share data with internal or external stakeholders using safe and secure public links.
  • Browser data access - Interact in the design process using your web browser.
  • Mobile viewing & management - Manage your design and project data from anywhere, on any mobile device, using iOS or Android.
  • Cloud simulation - Setup and analyze multiple tests in the cloud using the cloud credits that come with your subscription.
  • Static stress & modal frequencies - Analyze your design under different conditions using various materials, loads and constraints.
  • Thermal & thermal stress - Understand thermal distributions and how they interact with physical forces.
  • 3D printing utility - Slice, build supports, and generate toolpaths for a variety of 3D printers.
  • Turning - Program CNC lathe machines with traditional toolpaths (i.e. facing, roughing, grooving, drilling, etc.)
  • Water jet, laser cutter, plasma cutter - Easily create efficient multi-axis toolpaths with advanced collision control for complex 3D designs.
  • 2.5 & 3-Axis Machining - With HSM CAM included, quickly generate toolpaths, reduce machine wear, and create quality parts.

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Its does not do certain helpful things

You can't copy and paste it's clunky, and not User friendly...