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ProAnimator Standalone

ProAnimator: The fastest raytrace renderer in motion graphics

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ProAnimator Standalone features new technology that makes advanced lighting design and animation capabilities much easier than before. Its procedural animation engine allows you to create moving, flowing lighting sequences, coordinating the motion, brightness and color of hundreds of lights, all at the same time.


The fastest raytrace renderer in motion graphics
ProAnimator Standalone is optimized for motion graphics to give you the most impressive animations possible for a minimal amount of training and work.
Impressive presets
To get you up and running quickly, 3D ProAnimator Standalone comes with tons of presets and templates. Create an entire animation with One Click. Drag and drop colors, bevels and materials.
Customize fast and easy
With ProAnimator Standalone you won't be overwhelmed by a bunch of keyframes: no keyframes means it's easier to customize and easier to use.
Easy changes
ProAnimator Standalone is designed to change anything at any time with no rework. Even if you change the number of letters in a cascading text animation, 3D ProAnimator Standalone recalculates the timing automatically.
Pays for itself
When a software is easy to learn you can start using it in your work sooner. When it has tools for making dozens and dozens of graphics at a sitting it keeps the costs down and the money in-house. When it's also affordable to buy it's a no-brainer.


  • Real-time 3D rendering Zaxwerks has developed a new rendering engine called the Reactor Rendering System. It is a hybrid GPU/CPU system that will do GL rendering and Ray Tracing. It uses the latest advances in rendering technology to give you high quality final rendering incredibly fast.
  • Real-time camera focus Set what's in focus and then move the focus distance as an animated value. This gives you the ability to highlight a subject, focusing attention on the part that matters, then change the focus to highlight another subject. It's a truly cinematic look reserved for special occasions, in just little additional rendering time.
  • Automatic object duplication Instancing, in simplest terms, is object duplication. ProAnimator Standalone duplicates objects in a way that's incredibly fast, and makes it easy to populate a scene with hundreds or even thousands of objects and still keep the rendering speed nice and fast. You can instance objects made of one or multiple pieces, of words or logos, and you can even mix all of these kinds of objects together
  • Object distribution Object distribution has always been a part of 3D ProAnimator but in version 8 it has become much more flexible and powerful. With many new distribution styles which make it easy to create environments, backgrounds and objects made up of other objects. You can create simple distributions, like arranging objects into rows, rings or grids, or you can distribute objects into the shape of other objects, such as logos or other 3D models. The merging of flexibility with increased workflow speed can't be understated. Changes in ProAnimator Standalone are quick and easy, and can be made at any time in the production process.
  • Image-based lighting IBL is a way of lighting your entire scene by using nothing but a picture. All you need to do to get completely realistic lighting is to choose a picture of the environment and ProAnimator Standalonetakes care of the rest for you! Change the lighting from an exterior beach to an interior studio to a nightclub with a single click. The image sets the mood and the software creates the lighting, shading and reflections.
  • Real-time ambient occlusionThis feature darkens the corners and crevices of 3D objects in a way that gives the effect of bounce lighting but without the enormous rendering hit. It makes your objects look much more realistic, and thankfully we figured out how to add Ambient Occlusion in production at real-time speeds.
  • Procedural randomization Nothing in the real world is totally perfect. Unfortunately most things in the computer world are perfect. So you have to take extra time to make things un-perfect. That's where our new randomization features come in. Randomization works hand in hand with the instancing and distribution features. Instancing creates hundreds of objects and distribution arranges them into shapes and patterns and when the patterns are a little too regular you just randomize them. Even though your objects are being distributed and randomized, you can always tweak an individual object so it's in just the right place.
  • Normal mapping ProAnimator Standalone features 200+ realistic materials with normal maps, reflection maps, specular maps, transparency maps and diffuse maps.

Customer Reviews

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So Fast!

Version 8 is so good. I just got it and it's so much faster than the previous versions. I can actually create stuff and view it in final render mode in real-time. Definitely recommend.

The Must-Have Software

I have been a Zaxwerks software user for almost 10 years, and their products are a big part of how I evolved into the Digital Media Professional that I am today. If you're looking to learn 3D modeling or animation, then this is, without a doubt, the best program to start with (as is its counterpart "Invigorator Pro" - each has slightly different advantages depending on how you prefer to work). Even if you are an expert user of another 3D program, there are many aspects that you will find advantageous, and you will wonder why such an approach hasn't been integrated into other software of this nature. While the interface and workflow are very quick and easy to learn, the results are nothing less than stellar. There are Ray Traced soft shadows, reflections, and refractions, ambient occlusion, an Open-GL renderer, and much more, that make ProAnimator and Invigorator Pro my go-to tools for 3D logo and text production. Their interoperability with Adobe After Effects allows you to integrate the animations you produce with them, seamlessly with the AE timeline, camera, lights, and multitude of effects. Lastly, the customer service and support I have received from Zaxwerks over the years has always been exceptional. They are polite and quick to reply, whether it is to help with a problem, or to listen to a suggestion; they are a company that treats each one of its customers with care and respect. If you are looking to branch out into 3D, then the Zaxwerks family of software are the tools for you! Have fun!