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Solid Edge ST10 Foundation - Floating License (Unique Host ID Method) - 1 Yr Maintenance Sub.


Add one year maintenance to your Solid Edge Foundation - Floating license

The key to achieving continuous value and deriving the maximum benefit from your investment in Solid Edge software is by harnessing the power of maintenance, enhancements and support (ME&S). Solid Edge ST10 Foundation Floating License (Unique Host ID Method) - 1 Year Maintenance Subscription allows you to protect and maximize the return on your investment. Some of the strategic benefits of an ME&S contract include receiving regular software updates, getting access to a variety of problem resolution tools, lowering software upgrade costs, providing a more productive work environment and gaining a competitive edge due to increased efficiency.


  • Fully leverage the value of your Solid Edge products
  • Lower software upgrade costs and make it easier to predict your IT budget
  • Engage in a more productive work environment resulting in increased efficiency
  • Gain a competitive edge by achieving higher productivity
  • Receive regular software updates and maintenance releases to ensure system stability and improve usability
  • Leverage a full range of problem resolution tools and electronic services 24x7


  • Major and point releases of software with new features, functions and corrections
  • Prompt and effective telephone and web-based direct technical support via Global Technical Access Center (GTAC)
  • Access to online knowledge base and forum for tips, tricks and solutions
  • Solution Center, which provides 24-hour technical support, is a symptom/solution information query database with thousands of technical articles and immediate solutions to your problems. Solution Center increases your company's productivity by enabling you to resolve problems faster
  • Web-based community forums give you access to specific interest groups, enabling you to exchange ideas, ask questions and get responses from the user community, Siemens PLM Software support staff, developers, technical sales support and marketing
  • Online documentation provides release notes, README files, technical information and documents
  • License management provides an electronic copy of your FLEXlm license file and documents required to run your licensed software and download a sevenday emergency license 24x7 in the event of a dongle or license server failure

License Management

The Siemens PLM PLM software is controlled by a password and/or license file that restricts end-user access to only those software modules licensed under the applicable license agreement and limits such use at any given time to the maximum number of authorized users licensed.
The License Management Tool allows you to obtain an electronic copy of your FLEXlm license file or obtain your Product Password as needed or required to run your licensed software. You can also request an emergency FLEXlm license file valid for 7 days if your situation requires it. Without Solid Edge ST10 Foundation - 1 Year Maintenance Subscription, users will incur in a charge to use the License Management Tool.
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Siemens PLMSiemens PLMSolid Edge ST10 Foundation - Floating License (Unique Host ID Method) - 1 Yr Maintenance Sub.Solid Edge ST10 Foundation - Floating License (Unique Host ID Method) - 1 Yr Maintenance Sub.Add one year maintenance to your Solid Edge Foundation - Floating licenseSE351H-Maintenance9734+1 (415) 848 9018