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SharpCam 3D Pro CAD/CAM System

SharpCAM 3D Pro: An affordable 3D CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system for the programming of CNC machine tools

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SharpCam 3D Pro CAD/CAM System is an easy to use, intuitive and affordable 2.5D CAM system for the programming of CNC machine tools.


3D Machining
Import 3D models in the form of STEP, IGES or STL and perform 3D machining operations.
User Interface
SharpCam 3D Pro CAD/CAM System uses Microsoft DirectX technology for high performance, hardware accelerated graphics and flicker free operation. The use of DirectX enables dynamic view changes, like panning, zooming and rotation, all with the middle mouse button. Hundreds of thousands of objects can be displayed with no noticeable drop in performance. This, combined with some of the fastest toolpath creation routines available, allows for instant updating and viewing of the results of an action.
Solid Verification
Advanced Polygon Model based integrated toolpath verification, included as standard, boasts features typically only found on high end systems.
Advanced Pocketing
Our pocketing is amongst the most advanced and fastest of any CAD CAM system, and was developed following the criteria of minimum number of plunges to depth, pocketing speed, minimum toolpath length.
Whenever a point value is required for a command, typically when drawing, snapping is used to automatically acquire these points from existing objects.
Always There NC Code
NC code is created instantly as you work, and is automatically created whenever a change is made to a toolpath.
Fully Associative
SharpCam 3D Pro CAD/CAM System is fully associative. Every action taken will always regenerate the toolpaths immediately and automatically when needed. Moreover, orphaned toolpaths are never allowed.
Machine Developer
The Machine Developer is used to create Machine Definitions (post processors). At the heart of this feature rich development environment is Microsoft Visual Basic .NET programming language with unbelievable performance, power and flexibility.
Machine Definition Configuration
This technology allows Machine Definitions (post processors) to be simply configured specifically for a machine control. This is basically an interface that displays properties specific to a machine control. By changing a property, the Machine Definition is actually being edited without the need to learn how to use the Machine Developer. The power of this unique technology lies in the fact that SharpCam 3D Pro CAD/CAM System is able to make a single Machine Definition suitable for a wide range of machines/controls. For example, SharpCam 3D Pro CAD/CAM System only supplies one Fanuc Machine Definition that is configurable to suit any machine in a matter of seconds. The technology that displays the configurable properties is actually contained in the Machine Definition, so it is very transparent and is documented in the Machine Developer Help file. Machine Definitions are maintained and versioned by SharpCam.
Built in RS232 and NC Code Editor
Built in RS232 communication allows instant transfer to machine control. This combined with Always there Nc Code makes for important gains in productivity. Also included free with SharpCam 3D Pro CAD/CAM System is an NC code editor – SharpEdit, that also has RS232 communication.

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Tool Management

Toolbar Customisation

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Snapping Part 1/2

Snapping Part 2/2

SharpCam's Machine Developer - Part 1/2

SharpCam's Machine Developer - Part 2/2 

Main Features

  • Solid Verification Advanced Polygon Model based integrated toolpath verification.
  • Pocketing Advanced pocketing with unlimited number of pockets and islands.
  • Drilling Drilling, pecking, boring, reaming, tapping, rigid tapping and custom drilling cycles.
  • Thread Milling Helical Entry/Exit arc and or line.
  • Tool Management Create tool libraries/tool kits with the Tool Manager, edit, copy and move tools.
  • CAD 2D CAD creation.
  • Dimensions Smart Linear, Horizontal, Vertical, Aligned, Diameter, Radius, Angle, Coordinate and Note.
  • Rearrange Operations Operation can be reordered by drag and drop.
  • Entry/Exit Line and or arc entry/exit, linear and helical ramp entry.
  • Transforms Move, copy, rotate, mirror and scale contours along with associated toolpaths.
  • Simulation 3D tool simulation. Solid, translucent or wireframe animated tool display.
  • Context Snapping End, mid, centre, quadrant, tangent, intersection, perpendicular and parallel snapping.
  • Modify Contours Advanced fillet, trim, extend, split and explode.
  • Text Create text outlines from fonts installed on the system (TrueType etc). Outlines can then be machined.
  • Single line engraving fonts Create single line text for engraving using SharpCam type fonts.
  • Sub Routines Output multiple passes using Sub Routines. i.e. M98 PNNNN for Fanuc, Labels for Heidenhain, or whatever form sub routines take on the control. Reduces program size.
  • Use defined fonts Create custom design fonts.
  • Multi Document Interface Open unlimited number of Parts within one instance of SharpCam.
  • Cad File Translations AutoCad - dxf and dwg, stereo lithography - stl.
  • Undo/Redo Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Viewing Dynamic panning, zooming and rotation with middle mouse button/wheel.
  • Hidden Line Connection markers help identify hidden lines.
  • Machine Developer Edit Machine Definitions (post processors) with the Machine Developer using Visual Basic.Net.
  • RS232 Built in RS232 communication.
  • Nc Code Editing Free Nc code editor with built in RS232 communication - SharpEdit.
  • Calculator Use any combination of +-/* in an input box to calculate any value.
  • Operation Suppression Suppression of any/all operations to prevent Nc code generation.
  • Layers Create and manage layers.
  • Cycle time Test 'what if' scenarios.
  • Help Integrated F1 help, extensive training material at the Training Centre.
  • Updates Automatic self-updating to the latest version during allowed period.

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