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VisionDoccan easily store all your documents into virtual cabinets. With its powerful search engine, its import/export capacities and business manager's feature, it becomes the assistant you need to optimize your organization, manage, archive, search, retrieve and view geo-referenced documents. VisionDocis the Digital Document Manager software of choice. It allows you to keep all your files, documents and projects related to the territory in a simple and orderly manner.

VisionDocoffers many time saving features like visual search result of geo-referenced documents through Google Maps or Bing Maps, fully customizable automated reports, templates and invoices in different formats: HTML, XLS, WRD, etc., better follow-up using customer job and deadlines management features, billing features, user- friendly timesheet creator and manager, users' rights protection and security to settle desirable group privileges, import and export data in XML, Excel or Word format, server based allowing light client side installation for easy online access, compatibility with Microsoft Office programs and many others.



  • Georeference Your Jobs - Georeference and show your jobs on GoogleMaps or Bing Maps.
  • Powerful Search Engine - Search the exact information to find the right document.
  • Automatic documents filling - Minimize human errors by creating template documents with the field you need to generate!
  • Activities Management - Enter the progress of your work and designate tasks easily so that everyone knows where everything is.
  • Outlook Compatible - Import and export your contacts directly through Outlook and send e-mails automatically when tasks begin.
  • File Referencing - You can now specify different archives directories to search so your originally linked files will always be found.


Use VisionDoc to standardized your documents, and normalize your files so you can get the accreditation of your professional association.
You can adjust the database to your needs and even change the labeling of the general overview if our original template doesn't exactly suite your needs. You can also have multiple grid lookups for different needs, changing from one another with a single click.
With Geo-Plus's flexible license management, not only can multiple users log on the server but some can have fixed licenses allowing them a guaranteed access while others share a bundle of licenses for their needs. Their privileged access can also be configured so that some might just need to see some information while other might need the full access.
SQL Database
VisionDoc works with an SQL database and can be installed on an SQL Server Express to bring you stability, security and performance.
All of Geo-Plus's software solutions interact with one another. For example, VisionDoc can share its information to automatically fill cartridges in VisionPlus, VisionCivil Pro and VisionCivil Lt. drawings. Also, document information can be pushed or updated from VisionCarto and VisionPad. You can even get free advertising by publishing your documents to VisionExpertise! The more Vision software solutions you use the more profitable your work gets.

Main Features

  • Georeference
  • File referencing
  • Powerful search engine
  • Save searches
  • Quick Search
  • Automatic documents filling
  • Activities management
  • Compatible with Outlook




Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of VisionDoc requires MicroStation, PowerDraft, BricsCAD and/or


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