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Plate n Sheet Development Professional

Plate n Sheet Development Professional

Flat sheet development software

Plate n Sheet Development Professional unfolds a wide range of the steel plate and sheetmetal shapes commonly used in the sheetmetal, piping and steel fabrication industries. It is both fast and easy to use.
Ease of use and comprehensive range of shapes and patterns offers flexibility and simplicity which saves the user time and money. It also reduces the possibility of mistakes and the subsequent loss of time, materials, and money.


Plate n Sheet Development Professional is a software program designed to unfold shapes commonly encountered by fabricators and sheet metal workers. The dimensions and other parameters that define the shape are entered by the user and may be any reasonable value. These may be altered at any time and the appearance shape will change dynamically.
The shape may be viewed as either a 3D model or as a flat pattern at any stage of the process. Tools are supplied to zoom in or out to see the shape in detail. If it is being viewed as a model, several viewing angles (top, front, side, end and four isometric angles) are available at the click of a button and true length measurements may be taken from the model. Where possible, error messages will let you know if a parameter is not valid for the shape being created.
Several dimensioning modes are available and the resultant pattern may be printed or exported as a DXF for use in other software.


  • Over 50 developments and variations
  • Fast, accurate and simple to use
  • Saves pattern as DXF for importing into most CAD programs
  • Automatic dimensioning
  • Full size patterns may be printed across multiple sheets
  • Allowances may be applied for material thickness and overlapping seams
  • Rendered 3D models and unfolded patterns may be transfered directly to AutoCAD 2000 if installed

This Product is Also Known As

  • PnS

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