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DOSCH HDRI: Saltlake Backplates
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Dosch DesignDosch DesignDOSCH HDRI: Saltlake BackplatesDOSCH HDRI: Saltlake Backplates15 backplate sets or sceneriesDH-SLTBPL109.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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DOSCH HDRI: Saltlake Backplates

DOSCH HDRI: Saltlake Backplates

15 backplate sets or sceneries

DOSCH HDRI: Saltlake Backplates contains 15 backplate sets or sceneries. Each set depicts one scene through backplate images, plus the corresponding HDRI for lighting of objects - and their reflections.
Through combination of the background image and an HDRI-image of the object that is to be depicted at that exact location, absolutely realistic overall results are possible. Background Backplate + 3D model of a product + HDRI for Reflections and Illumination = Perfect Result

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