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Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13

Bring 3D into Microsoft Excel!

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Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13 brings the intuitive power of 3D visualization to any report, work instruction or parts list. With Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13, you can easily and quickly embed ultra-lightweight versions of your 3D CAD models into any Microsoft Excel file, where it is linked to BOMs, assembly instructions, procurement lists etc. Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13 immediately and easily improves accuracy, communication and product time-to-market.

Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13 is a command line application which can execute in batch command. Because of this, you can automate the publishing process of Excel documents using templates. Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13 also contains all functionality of Lattice 3D Reporter as well as the template option.

Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13 delivers significant improvements in cost, time and effort for design-to-manufacture processes by enabling everybody involved to quickly see, review and use data via the world's number one communication tool - Microsoft Excel. Preparation of these documents does not require the expert input of engineers or demand additional CAD seats, thus ensuring that all resources are being optimally used.

Spreadsheets created using Lattice3D Reporter are easily shared throughout an organization and immediately viewed using the Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13 - provided free-of-charge by Lattice Technology.

All reports are created directly from design and list data into print-ready and digital formats depending on your workflow. Work instructions can include interrelated assembly animations which run alongside each written instruction.

Lattice3D Reporter Publisher 13 works both as a stand-alone system, or integrated within existing ERP, PLM and other IT infrastructures. Data used in the spreadsheets can be extracted from these, and other, sources to ensure that all required information is easily delivered in a standard document.
Automate with the Template Option
Lattice3D Reporter with the Template Option delivers unprecedented advantages in automated creation of 3D and related data into spreadsheets at a single click of a button. By using pre-defined templates, complete print-ready and digital reports, parts lists, work instructions and more are created directly from XVL or 3D CAD data into an Excel spreadsheet with almost no human interaction required. You can fit this directly into a workflow that ensures all stakeholders in a product manufacturing process have the right information as soon as it is released, or updated, by the design departments.

Benefits of Lattice3D Reporter

Increase Understanding throughout the supply chain
Raise the level of communication throughout your organization and capitalize on the intuitive power of visualization for communication of accurate work instructions, detailed parts lists, mBOMS/sBOMs, with integrated and animated 3D processes which allows parts to be visually cross-checked on the documents.
Build productivity
Deliver accurate work instructions and reports as soon as design data is released, allowing downstream users to immediately prepare, train and operate with the right documents and data.
Use existing workflows, processes and standard formats
Build 3D spreadsheets into existing processes and IT infrastructures using industry-standard document formats, with both print-ready and digital versions.
Avoid delays caused by engineering changes
Always have the correct data on hand even when changes have occurred upstream. No more waiting weeks and months for new instructions and reports.
Eradicate errors in production and assembly
Customers have proved that accurate, detailed work instructions and BOMs with 3D animations and interrelated data reduce and eventually eradicate errors on the shop floor, significantly reduce training times, and reduce scrap.


Supports all Major CAD systems
Lattice3D Reporter allows complete 3D assemblies from any major 3D CAD system to be imported into Excel, either directly using Lattice3D Dataway, or via XVL model, and then linked to your list and report data. Engineers can then check each part or instruction by clicking on part numbers in the list and being able to review the 3D part immediately.
Expands the Microsoft Excel toolset for 3D
Lattice3D Reporter works inside Microsoft Excel and saves your reports in the ubiquitous spreadsheet format of Excel with the standard "".xls"" extension. The document includes all the XVL data and works on any Excel application.
Lightweight Format
All 3D graphics load quickly from the lightweight XVL format, allowing you to locate a part on a list visually, rather than trying to remember long numeric IDs. The embedded viewer also includes smaller thumbnail options, or ""snapshots"" with each part entry, allowing you to include alternate perspectives, assembly relationships, or animated instructions.
Automated update
When your engineering data is updated and released, Lattice3D Reporter can work within a process to automatically update the spreadsheets that were previously created but using the new data.
Integration with existing IT infrastructures
Lattice3D Reporter can easily work within existing ERP, PLM and other IT infrastructures, allowing data from many sources to be rapidly used and integrated including BOMs and lists from ERP alongside 3D CAD data from engineering.

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