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Power SubD-NURBS 15 for 3ds Max

Convert Sub-D models into a NURBS representation that can be read into your CAD system

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Power SubD-NURBS 15 for 3ds Max fundamentally changes the way that artists, engineers and designers work together in the 3D world. This license includes 200 per-sue conversation credits. For additional credits: Power SubD-NURBS -- 250 Credits or to benefit from unlimited credits: Unlimited SubD-NURBS.

Power SubD-NURBS 15 for 3ds Max allows you to:
  • Quickly and accurately convert Sub-D models into a NURBS-based format that can easily interface with CAD systems and CAD modeling operations.
  • Unite the diverse modeling paradigms of Sub-D (Subdivision Surface) modeling and CAD (NURBS-based) modeling.
  • Combine the conceptual design process of Sub-D modeling with the engineering, analysis, and manufacturing design process of CAD operations.
  • Add a new modifier (REMod) to the modifier stack. Apply this modifier to SubD models in order to convert them to a CAD compliant NURBS format.
  • Convert virtually any Sub-D model (even SubD models that have some triangles) into a precise NURBS representation that can be read into virtually any CAD system.
  • Create high quality surfaces, which accurately interpolate the vertices of the original Sub-D mesh.
Neither Sub-D modeling nor NURBS modeling can effectively solve all 3-D design problems. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Sub-D modeling is great at producing and modifying complex freeform / organic shapes with smooth surfaces. NURBS modeling is good at combining shapes via Boolean and Feature operations as well as refining shapes with operations like filleting, blending and face editing. Power SubD-NURBS 15 for 3ds Maxcan best be used as a powerful unification piece between these two technologies. Being able to use both modeling paradigms together in the modeling process provides huge productivity advantages.

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