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IronCAD Draft

2D CAD Software That Bridges the Gap to 3D. Perfect for 2D Detailing

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IronCAD Draft is an extremely powerful 2D mechanical drafting tool with an easy to learn, industry standard user interface and a unique 3D integration capability. Part of IronCAD's Design Collaboration Suite, IronCAD Draft enables users to work in 2D but also to view, leverage, analyze, render and reference 3D model data created by suppliers customers and colleagues. In addition to this, the program offers CAXA 2D design and IronCAD 3D integration for flexibility and efficiency.

What's New

Large Assembly Performance

Graphical Interaction
New capabilities have been added to enhance graphical interaction with large data sets to boost performance in ranges such as 10x increase
Mechanism Interaction
When dealing with large data sets, new options in the mechanism mode are available to improve the performance so you can test the range of motion of your designs

Sharing & Collaboration

Shrink Wrap Utility
Specify critical parts/assemblies to keep, what to remove, and size settings for hiding parts, assemblies, and holes. The utility will process the model and generate a simplified ICS file that is reduced in size and that can be shared with collaborators
Support for Latest Kernel, Solver, and Translator Formats
With the latest release of the IronCAD DCS, you will have access to the following versions of CAD file formats using our Native Translators.
  • CATIA V5: V5R8 – V5–6R2017
  • Pro/E (CREO): 16 – Creo 4.0
  • UG NX: 11 – NX 11.0.0
  • Inventor: V11 – V2017
  • SolidWorks: 98 – 2017
  • SolidEdge: V18 – ST9

Improved Usability

Heads-Up Quick Selection Based Commands
Improvements have been made to the previous "S" key command structure to be visible full time to give users access to commands in the design space, reducing mouse travel and need-to-know hidden commands
Part Numbering for Patterned Parts
Patterning parts typically creates a BOM of a single line item with multiple instances. In some cases, you may want to call out the parts individually, which is now possible with the new setting for automatically generating numbering for patterns
Specification for Front View Orientation
To streamline the drawing view projection process, users can now select and define the front view direction on parts instead of using IronCAD's default determination
TriBall Create Multiple Instances at Centerpoint Support
Using the "Create Multiple Instances" with the TriBall, new options are available to "Copy/Link to Point/Center Point."

DRAFT Environment Improvements

3D Interface Ribbon Bar Improvements
Within the 3D Interface Ribbon Bar, the dimension commands have been added to reduce time toggling between ribbons during the detailing process
Detail View Support for Broken Views
Detail view creation is now supported on broken views within the DRAFT environment to improve detailing capabilities
Detail View Label Adjustment
New controls have been added to allow the detail view label position to be adjusted. Simply click on the detail view circle and pull the label handle to adjust its position
Section View Direction Toggle
A new option has been added to allow the reversing of the section direction after the section view has been created. Right-click on the section line and select "Switch Direction"
Visible Weld Bead
A new tool to create a weld bead along a curve has been added, including V-butt welds and fillet welds
Materials to Hatch Patterns
Using IronCAD's Materials, you can define corresponding hatch patterns that can be automatically applied in sectioning commands

General Improvements

Improved Installation Process
Further improvements from 2017 PU1 SP1 have been made to simplify the installation process and to make it clear to new users.
License Manager Support for USB Activations
Better process for updating an existing dongle for the new version licenses.
Improved Navigation in Tools/Options
The Tools/Options dialog has been improved to support better navigation within the dialog and to support more options.


2D Detailing for 3D Data
IronCAD Draft is an affordable, powerful 2D CAD software with an easy-to-learn user interface and unique 3D integration capabilities. Use IronCAD Draft to analyze, leverage, render, and reference 3D model data created by customers and colleagues while still working in a 2D CAD environment with a familiar user interface and common tools for detailing
Time-Saving Parts Library
Included in IronCAD Draft is a library that contains hundreds of standard part designs with associated parametric data. 
Leveraging Legacy Data & Expertise
IronCAD Draft will not only import files from any major 2D CAD software while retaining technical data, it can also be used to convert those designs into 3D catalogs so that they can be leveraged for future projects. Supporting AutoCAD commands, IronCAD Draft promises an easy learning curve for 2D CAD veterans wishing to collaborate with colleagues working in 3D and eventually transition to 3D themselves

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