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Infrastructure design reimagined

InfraWorks -- 2-Year SubscriptionInfraWorks 2-Year Subscription software supports connected BIM(Building Information Modeling) processes, letting designers and civil engineers plan and design infrastructure projects in the context of the real world.

What's New

  • Road layout - Choose between element-based or PI-based layout for more flexibility in how you design roads.
  • Point clouds - Use photos to assist you when modeling features based on point cloud data.
  • Bridge design - Access the specific parameters of custom bridge parts from within an InfraWorks model.
  • Quantities - Calculate underground infrastructure quantities by depth.
  • Move preliminary designs to Civil 3D - Migrate roads and pipe networks from InfraWorks to Civil 3D.
  • Superelevation - Calculate and apply superelevation to any component road in your model that has curves or spiral-curve-spirals.
  • Roadside grading - Vary the slopes and the materials applied to different sections of roadside grading.
  • Cross-section views - Assess superelevation, road assembly, and cut-and-fill engineering details of your road design in cross-section form.
  • Terrain contours - See more detail in existing and proposed ground surfaces by displaying contours and controlling the interval.
  • Manage bridge components - Create and manage bridge components and content directly in InfraWorks.
  • Flood simulation - Analyze flooding projects based on multiple inflow locations and water elevation changes over time.
  • Material quantities - Calculate earthwork quantities on multiple selected roads, a station range, area of interest parcel, or right of way.
  • Component roads - Design roads with curbs, lanes, and shoulders. Create parametric models in Inventor and add them to the component road design.
  • Parts Editor - Create custom drainage or piping parts with Inventor and export them to the Parts Editor using a free Inventor plug-in.
  • Labels for component roads - View in-canvas labels of bridge and bridge component dimensions depending on your selection and view position.
  • Generate features from point clouds - Extract linear features from point clouds. Export linear features, vertical features, and ground grid to Civil 3D.
  • Labels for bridges - View in-canvas labels of component roads depending on your selection and view position.


  • Model existing environment - Create a large-scale model by aggregating existing data including 2D CAD, GIS, raster, and 3D models.
  • Automated data import and model creation - Create base models from GIS, Raster, DGN, and SketchUp.
  • Photorealistic visual effects - Add dynamic sun and shadows, water, and clouds.
  • Generate terrain from point clouds - Build data into your model terrain.
  • View projects in context - View projects in context of existing conditions.
  • Bridge design configurations - Copy bridge design configurations from one component to another, and from one bridge to another.
  • Ramps and center lane flows - Quickly create and edit ramps and center/left-turn lanes.
  • Roundabout design - Easily convert an intersection into a roundabout style.
  • Area of interest - Expand your designs of parcels, easements, and right-of-ways. Easily and accurately represent them in your InfraWorks model.
  • Component-based bridge design - Edit bridge decks and girders independently of other bridge components.
  • Smarter pavement drainage - Recognizes and responds to complex geometry.
  • Move preliminary designs to Civil 3D - Migrate roads and pipe networks from InfraWorks to Civil 3D.
  • 2D distance and slope - Measure the distance (horizontal and vertical) and slope between two points in a model.
  • Measure distances and areas - Determine the best location for design elements.
  • Dynamic site analysis - Work with different data types from many sources.
  • Shadow and lighting analysis - Predict how shadows may affect project designs.
  • Theme palettes - Visually classify assets according to attributes.
  • Bridge line girder analysis - Perform a detailed analysis in the cloud.
  • Real-time feedback - Accelerate approvals with the Design Feed feature.
  • Model publishing - Publish centrally and more securely in the cloud, then engage stakeholders via web/mobile access.
  • Model network storage - Store models on a shared network drive.
  • iPad app - View models and select portions of the model on your iPad.

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