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XVL Studio Pro

Function 3D viewer with basic editing and authoring capabilities

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XVL Studio Pro is the ultimate tool to enable your 3D design data to become 3D manufacturing data. XVL Studio Pro delivers powerful applications dedicated to rapid design review, development of processes, editing and creation of parts lists, verification and simulation of plant and product designs, and documentation of these which can be used downstream in every manufacturing scenario. The application offers such advanced functions as automated interference and clearance checking of complex assemblies and display of results in a spreadsheet format, advanced process design, simulation and animation of parts and assemblies and also includes all the capabilities of XVL Studio Basic and XVL Studio Standard.

XVL Studio Pro is ideal for enabling 3D data to be used across the extended enterprise by non-CAD trained personnel, on lower specification PCs, and in distributed manufacturing locations.

All Studio products are available with optional upgrades for enhanced functionality including Point Cloud data import, STEP and other polygon format import, technical illustration, and more.

How to create 3D work instructions using XVL Studio - Basic Features

How to create 3D work instructions using XVL Studio - Advanced Features

Getting Started with Lattice Studio

Lattice3D Studio Getting Started Part 1

Studio Getting Started Part 2

Studio Getting Started Part 3

 Key Benefits

  • Highly Accurate Designs - The advanced design review tools enable resolution of form/fit/function design issues. Rapidly perform static and dynamic detection of interference and clearance problems, perform measurements, save section images, and even export information to spreadsheets for sharing with other team members globally.
  • Improve Productivity by creating sophisticated 3D technical animations for assembly instructions, work instructions, manufacturing, training, IETMs, and digital manuals.
  • Turn 3D design data into 3D Manufacturing data with 3D parts lists, saved SBOMs and MBOMs, work instructions, and advanced simulations for movement and clearance.
  • Practical Lifecycle Management - integrate directly with existing 3D CAD, PLM, ERP, MES and other IT infrastructures to enable rapid use of only current 3D manufacturing data.
  • Solve the Multi-CAD problem - advanced assembly of models from different CAD systems to enable rapid assembly of complex products regardless of where the data originated.

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