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finalRender for 3ds Max - Subscription

Next Generation Light Simulator. Rendering plug-in for 3ds Max

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finalRender for 3ds Max 1-Year Subscription for 3ds Max is the perfect choice for 3d artists and studios alike wanting the maximum in image quality and photo-realism, without experiencing a brain melt when setting up complex scenes for rendering! And no compromises.

finalRender for 3ds Maxis the new breed of light simulation software offering unique algorithms and approaches to light simulation not found in any other renderer for 3ds Max. trueHybrid means that it does no longer matter if you create photo real images on a CPU, on a GPU or both at the same time.

finalToon 4.0 is available as an integral part of finalRender or as a standalone product.
finalToon 4.0 is included with a full subscription of finalRender.


What is Adaptive Sampling and how can it help?

AI Denoiser New Feature

Render to Texture New Feature



  • Physically Based (Spectral) Wavelength Simulation
  • Unbiased Rendering without Compromise
  • Unlimited Network Rendering Available
  • Fast Iterations, save time and cost

Features and Benefits

finalRender for 3ds Max is the first renderer of its kind for 3ds Max to offer a comprehensive, true Hollywood quality rendering engine that supports GPU rendering or pure CPU, as well as both technologies at the same time. finalRender's trueHybrid technology allows the user to experience all the power within ONE application. No need for a separate GPU only product!
Unlimited Network Rendering
finalRender for 3ds Max offers an optional unlimited network rendering license which is the cost of ONE single workstation license, only. What more affordable solution can you find for a top line renderer? No renderer is fast enough - ever! That's not an issue if you can tap into the power of unlimited network rendering. Peace of mind guaranteed.
One Button VR and 360 Panorama
finalRender for 3ds Max supports 360 Panoramic image output and various video VR formats including 3D Stereoscopic VR output. 360 Panoramas for example, can be created with one click of a button and they are ready to be published on Facebook - all this - without any extra tool. It works right out of 3ds Max.
Light Types
finalRender for 3ds Maxsupports all of the standard lights in 3ds Max, and it comes with its very own highly optimized and fully multi-threaded IES light. This native area light is highly configurable and is meant to replace all light types you will ever need. Setting up lights and especially changing light setups becomes as simple as clicking a button on your mouse.
Spectral Wavelength Rendering
In the real world white light is composed of a bundle of wavelengths. To achieve a realistic light simulation, light must be considered as a wave. As one of the few renderers and the only trueHybrid renderer, it does exactly this. Every renderer still relying on a RGB light simulation model is using a non physical approach to light.
Scene Convertor
There is no argument that having a good scene convertor is important. Modern 3D assets, offered by online stores like Turbosquid or CGTrader, come in many formats. finalRender directly renders many mental ray scenes and it offers a robust scene conversion from scenes created with vray or mental ray.
fR-CarPaint Material
finalRender for 3ds Max comes with many dedicated materials and supports the thousands of preset Autodesk materials in addition to the mental ray materials. However, to deliver the best possible result with the utmost control finalRender offers a dedicated carpaint material. It features metallic flakes, special coating- and reflection layer.
Motion Blur & Depth of Field
finalRender for 3ds Max is all about physically accurate rendering and thanks to its unbiased rendering approach it reproduces real world camera effects like no other renderer. Time consuming rendering effects like Depth of Field or Motion Blur no longer multiply render time - all is calculated in one go! 3ds Max physical camera model is fully supported in creating such effects.
Thin Film Coating
Thin film is a real world effect driven by light interference. Different wavelengths of light create specific colored interference patterns for different film thicknesses. Such real world phenomena can only be simulated by a physically accurate spectral wavelength renderer like finalRender for 3ds Max. The delicate intricacy of real life effects can only be captured by such effects.
Frame Buffer on Steroids
The new finalRender for 3ds Maxframe-buffer offers real-time exposure control while rendering an image, an unlimited easy-to-access render history; to mention only a few of the advantages. The simple and responsive user-interface gives access to all of the main features and lets you choose at any time later in your creative process, which images or animations to save. Amazing flexibility.
Forest Pack Pro Support
Many users expect proper instancing support from a modern renderer. What could be better to validate this request by offering full support of Forest Pack Pro instancing along with several of its materials and tricks. finalRender for 3ds Max is one of the few GPU capable renderers to support advanced instance rendering including proper material and texture handling.
Render Elements
Render Elements in finalRender for 3ds Max can be accessed anytime in the new frame-buffer through a simple-and-easy to understand tree view system. Render Elements are automatically grouped by Image/Frame Number; you will never ever mix up render elements anymore. Render Elements can be compared in a simple frame-by-frame manner right from within the same frame-buffer display.

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