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AutoCAD LT for Win - Maintenance Renewal

Optimize your investment w/ upgrades, tech support & licensing flexibility!

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With AutoCAD LT for Win  Maintenance you'll receive convenient access to the latest software upgrades, technical support, and flexible license rights.

  • Receive access to software upgrades as soon as they are released.
  • Stay current with new product features built to increase productivity.
  • Subscription lowers upgrade costs, helps you manage a predictable software budget and gives you the latest design tools to do the job.
Technical Support:
  • Resolve issues online with Autodesk product support specialists who can help with installation, configuration, and other needs.
  • Stay on top of your company's support cases with web-based tracking and management.
  • And if you need more, you can purchase premium levels of Autodesk technical support.
Flexible License Rights:
  • Use previous and current versions of your software, install the software on both home and office computers, and use it at multiple locations, with flexible licensing privileges designed to work the way you do.

Customer Reviews

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Works for me

I only have one drawing, a Property Line Survey with 182 layers and several aerial photo raster images.
Surveyor Units works like you would expect.
Have a terrible time trying to Plot a drawing so I just save it as a PDF and have a commercial print service print it. They can print on wide Polyethylene paper with special ink so I have a durable, waterproof map to use in the woods.
Created a DXF file from a layout and gave it to my nephew who somehow figured out how to put it into Grass GIS. Unfortunately he ended up with a lot of layers that didn't show up on the layout view.
Would like to have step by step instructions for doing a particular task. Like how to use and name Layers with a STB file. Everything overrides everything and I can never figure out what to do. Just want somebody to say "Here are the step by step instructions, just do it."
AutoCAD 2004 did everything I need to do and I went to college and sort of learned how to use it.
I don't need all of the fancy features, I just need the software to be easy to use.
Since I am just me and don't have any IT support I have to figure out how to install the new versions and updates and just draw my simple map. Even though I have contour lines for elevation I do not need to do anything in 3-D. I would never be able to figure it out anyway.

Just wish there was a simplified version of AutoCAD that would let me easily draw a map and print it out. When I use a Word Processor and write a letter I hit the Print Icon and it prints, I don't need to go through a ritual just to get it to print. I wish AutoCAD worked the same way.

Well you asked, so I told you what I think, you won't make that mistache again.