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CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package - CAD Conversion Engine

Imports, analyzes, repairs, and exports CAD models, without licenses of CAD software required. Includes IGES 3D, STEP OUTPUT 3D and DXF 2D writers/exporters

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CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package CAD Conversion Engine is the perfect tool for all users of CAD software who need an efficient way to exchange their data, without sacrificing any of the integrity or completeness of their original geometry and topology.

CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package offers users powerful tools for analyzing and repairing models and guaranteeing efficient, fluid workflow. Its approach, based on solid model representations for analysis and viewing, comes with an easy learning curve.

CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package is a conversion kernel that supports automatic 3D correctors and translators, IGES output, batch manager/command line scripts, 2D DXF output, and batch manager/command line scripts. CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package is the foundation package for Datakit translators and is compulsory with the first translator. Multiple translators can be added to CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package.


Key Features and Benefits

Interoperability Solution
All too often, incompatible geometry or topology issues spoil the working relationships between design offices in the extended corporate environment. CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package solves these problems that typically appear during data transfer processes by:
  • adapting model tolerances to the precision level used by the target modeler
  • carrying out the necessary repairs to rebuild a VALID solid in the target application
  • detecting invalid surfaces and fixing them
The integrity of the original models remains absolutely intact: the geometry cannot be distorted in automatic conversion mode.
Repair and Slim Complex Models
CAD models are increasingly part of the day-to-day business processes in which design offices are involved. Manufacturing, QC and even the marketing and sales departments are looking for ways to access their models to estimate costs and prices, or get their customers to approve a mock-up for a new project. In general, making information available to a broader audience means using simpler models.
CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package allows you to simplify models. With CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package you significantly simplify and slim down your parts and assemblies. According to your need, you can eliminate features on a case-by-case basis such as fillets, holes, or bosses and make data processing more efficient in FEM mesh generation, make big assemblies easier to view, and more.

Allowed Datakit Translator Plug-ins

The quality of data exchange is a key factor in any successful, active B2B collaboration or joint development program. CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package directly supports models designed with all leading CAD software.

Included 2D & 3D Formats

2D Output Format
3D Output Format

Optional 2D Input Formats (Datakit Readers)

Optional 3D Input Formats (Datakit Readers)

Optional 3D Output Formats (Datakit Writers)



Support & Maintenance

CrossManager Advanced Foundation Package CAD Conversion Engine includes a manufacturer's 90-day warranty.

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