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Book: Light Plot Deconstructed
5th Edition by Gregg Hillmar

Book: Light Plot Deconstructed -- 5th Edition by Gregg Hillmar

Easy-to-follow tips for lighting designers.

Book: Light Plot Deconstructed 5th Edition by Gregg Hillmar reflects updates in the Vectorworks Spotlight software, including the re-engineered lighting device object, color options for lighting devices, unlimited fields in Label Legends, the new Clip Cube mode and Auto Hybrid command, improved rendering capabilities, increased navigation speed, and more. Readers will gain a better handle on how to approach design and create more spectacular shows.
The book was written by Gregg Hillmar, a veteran scenic and lighting designer whose work has been seen at hundreds of theater, dance and opera productions, as well as galleries, exhibits, convention booths and stages across the country.
The guide reflects Hillmar's drafting style and functions as a companion handbook to the software to help readers draft lighting plots more easily.
In an easy-to-follow, insightful manner, Hillmar takes readers on a journey through the methods and techniques he uses to develop engaging plots. From discussions on choosing palettes, workspaces, grids and layers, to uncovering the basics of how to import files, save views and place instrumentation, the guide is an essential resource to designers looking to take advantages of everything the Vectorworks Spotlight program has to offer.

About the Author

Gregg Hillmar has developed proven methodologies for drafting light plots over his more than 15 years of experience using Vectorworks. His successful methods for designing with Vectorworks have been exhibited many times over the years, whether it was to fellow colleagues at tradeshows, or in the classroom where he has taught scenic and lighting design to many aspiring professionals at Randolph-Macon College. Book: Light Plot Deconstructed is a great companion guide for anyone seeking to learn the fundamentals of lighting design with Vectorworks Spotlight.

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Book: Light Plot Deconstructed
5th Edition by Gregg Hillmar
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