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Envisioneer Building Essential 14

Bring your ideas to life with this robust, easy-to-use architectural solution. Recommended for builders and remodelers

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Envisioneer Building Essential 14is easy to use BIM at the core of your project, you will exceed your clients expectations. Envisioneer Building Essential 14 will help you set your company apart from the competition. Envisioneer Building Essential 14helps effectively portray innovative design ideas to your clients, provides the required construction documents and framing information to help reduce your clients costs significantly.

Features & Benefits

Get To Permit Approval Faster
Extract drawing information such as elevations, plans, sections and details directly from your model or choose from a customizable built-in library of standard details. Additional CAD features are available to create your own from scratch, or upload libraries from a wide variety of sources including AutoCAD DWG and DXF files.
Estimating Made Simple
Generate full material lists from your model, including cut lists, pricing information, and overall measurements. 3D takeoffs allow you to easily identify and correct errors before they become costly construction mistakes.
Match Your Framing Methods
Envisioneer Building Essential 14 automatically provides walls, floor and roof framing that is optimized for purchased lengths. Match the way you frame on site with your BIM model so that you can easily find conflicts to reduce waste, time, and save money.

What's New

Cut/Copy/Paste From 1 Model To The Next

Sharing items inside a project or from one project to another is important. Now you can either cut or copy an item from one model and paste it into another part of the model or onto another model. This is a great tool with the aim of added efficiency for the user. How better to save time then to be able to take items and reuse them in new models without the need to redo. Great new tool for quicker modeling when you are busy!

Save Group To Catalog

Elements in a model can now be grouped together and saved to the catalog. Once they are reinserted, they become individual items so they quantify properly and can be moved as individual elements. This is a great way to deal with Base plus options. Group an entire bath or sunroom layout or just a group of cabinets in a favorite orientation. Use it repeatedly in all your projects. Fantastic tool to make your work easier..

Step Back - Roof Points
Putting a roof on a model using the "Picking Points" option now gets easier with the ability to Step Back. The latest version now includes the "Step Back" option in case you want to repick a point that you need to change. This is a quicker way to get the roof constructed than having to redo all the points. The perfect tool to ensure more precision in your work.
Window & Door Unique Header Trim

Trim that is automatically put around a window or a door in a model can now have customized pieces for the window or door head. This allows for more elaborate trim options and more accurate bill of materials. A fantastic tool for more precision in your models.

Garage Door Sills
TGarage doors now have the option to also include a sill like all other door types. Leading to more precise models that reflect in a refined bill of materials.
Floating Cabinet Style

Cabinets now include a toe space option for floating cabinet styles. This new option includes a height variable that will float the cabinet off the floor at the specified height. This is a quicker way to create a cabinet style for your projects.

Insertion Offset Boundaries
When inserting an element, like a bathtub, you can now set distances around the tub to offset it from other objects. It will then use that information, like a forcefield, when inserting the element and ensure it sits exactly those set distances away from other objects. Use it to specify minimum distances away or precise distances you want to set an object away from other objects.This is the perfect new feature for more precise models.
Match Appearance
When design changes hit, the match appearance tool will make those changes easier. Now swipe over your entire model and select the element that you want as your primary element and then all other similar elements will take on the primary appearance. Great way to update cabinets in an entire model. A fantastic tool to make your work quicker.
Gable Ladder Framing
Gable Ladder framing can now extend further back into the roof framing for more precise roof framing that match your onsite construction methods. Set it to either extend back to the structure or to a set fixed length. This is a great new tool that that brings more precision to your models.
New Truss Profiles
Additional truss profiles have been added including the popular Fink truss and a flat truss. This will give you more options to better match your onsite situations. The flat truss has possible use in floors too to simulate floor trusses. A great way to illustrate your design more precisely!
Convert To Structural Floor

Envisioneer has two floor tools, the "floors" tool meant for finished floor materials and the "Structural Floor tool" found in Building Essentials and Construction Suite only. The Structural floor tool incorporates floor joists, rim and band joists, the subfloor and can also include a sill plate. You can convert a simple floor to a Structural floor now so any older models or models that were created in ProArchitect or Personal Architect can be converted to the more sophisticated floor container. A quicker way to specify all your flooring materials for a more precise material list.

Save Plane In Member Dialog
When using the Advanced member tool in Building Essentials and Construction Suite, it will now retain the plane you last selected when you exit the command. Retaining the information makes it easier to insert other elements on the same plane. A quicker way to continue with your design work.
Columns Purchase Item Lengths
Columns now include a Purchased Item tab in their Properties so columns that are inserted can automatically list the correct length of column required in a material report. Purchased Items list the various heights and corresponding sku numbers of a product that comes in multiple lengths. Previously it was only used my members but now Columns can take advantage of it too. The column skus based on the height can be set, so the correct item appears in the material list. A more precise way for columns to appear in a material list.
Find And Replace Catalog Elements
Catalogs can house an unlimited number of products and over time these products may be retired from your inventory and replaced by something new. Now you can trace where they exist in the catalog, if they have been included as an assembly or a framing element and replace them with another element or delete them all together. This is a fantastic way to quickly update your catalog.
Floor Joist Note
Once you insert a floor joist layout plan to a working drawing sheet you can now quickly annotate it with a floor joist note using the new tool. It incorporates the text you want to appear and the standard floor joist span symbol. This makes it easier to make a fully labeled floor plan.
Multiple Select Layer Priority
[Added functionality has been added to the "Set Priority" command that stacks worksheet views front and back on a sheet. Now instead of setting the priority individually you can select multiple layers at the same time to make it a much quicker process.
Tally Enhancement
When you insert a member or column with purchased item lengths, if you select the "Include Cut Lengths" option under Quantity it will now automatically note the sku number listed under the Quantity tab with -TALLY behind it in the Material List. So you can see both the purchased lengths and the tally of the actual lengths required.


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