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ZBrush 2020 - Academic and Student License

ZBrush Student: The digital sculpting and painting program that has revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows, now available for students and teachers

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ZBrush 2020 is the 3D industry's standard digital sculpting application. Use customizable brushes to shape, texture, and paint virtual clay, while getting instant feedback. Work with the same tools used by film studios, game developers and artists the world over.

Dynamesh is ZBrush's digital clay. It rebuilds the topology of your model as you sculpt, creating a smooth, even surface for you to add fine details. Step between different resolutions of your model, and changes on any level will be applied to each one. This enables you to create complex models, but still be able to make big changes when you need to.

If you're a concept artist or illustrator, you'll find that ZBrush bridges the gap between 2D and 3D. Compose 2D images where you can make real- time changes, while maintaining accurate lighting and depth. Paint models with pixel-by-pixel control using customizable brushes. Use GoZ to create complex textures in PhotoShop and see them applied to your scene as you work.

What's New

  • Sculpt & Paint in Morph UV
  • XTractor Brushes
  • HistoryRecall
  • Move Infinite Depth

You Can't Pick Just One Color

Never again will you struggle contemplating what color combination to apply to a model. Now you can take any PolyPainted or textured model and adjust its color hue, intensity, contrast, gamma or tint on the fly using the new Texture Adjust by Color and PolyPaint Adjust by Color features.

Ready, Set, Analyze & Print

ZBrush 2020 continues to widen your ability to 3D print straight from ZBrush with new mesh analysis features: Wall Thickness, Real-Time Draft Analysis and Surface Area calculations. Now anyone will be able to easily prepare a model for production!
  • Wall Thickness
  • Real-Time Draft Analysis
  • Calculate Surface Area

Cam Silhouette & Cam View

  • CamView
  • Real-Time Silhouette View
  • ZeeZoo
  • Deco Curve Brush

Base Mesh Creation

  • Gizmo 3D
  • ZModeler
  • Live Boolean
  • DynaMesh
  • ZRemesher 2.0
  • ShadowBox
  • ZSpheres
  • Mannequins
  • Primitives


  • 3D Brushes
  • SubTools
  • 3D Layers
  • Surface Noise and NoiseMaker
  • Transpose
  • Vector Displacement Mesh
  • Alpha 3D
  • Lazy Mouse 2.0
  • Deformations
  • HD Geometry
  • MicroMesh
  • Instances and Details
  • Projection Master


  • Polypainting
  • Spotlight
  • UV Master


  • BPR
  • Materials and MatCap
  • Surface Noise
  • ZBrush to KeyShot


  • TimeLine

Import & Export

  • GoZ
  • Normal, Displacement and Vector Displacement
  • Decimation Master
  • 3D File formats
  • Image File formats


    • The power of the Pixol
    • PaintStop

    Educational License Features

    ZBrush 2020
     Academic and Student License by Pixologic.

    One extraordinary leap for artists, now available for students and teachers.

    Edu Proof

    Proof of Academic Status

    Degree-seeking students in college, university, and career state-accredited schools qualify to order a single-user educational license with acceptable form of academic ID. Please provide the following:

    • Dated student ID card and
    • Official dated current class schedule

    Faculty & Staff
    Primary school, secondary school, college, university, and career faculty and staff members qualify to order a single-user educational license with acceptable form of academic ID. Provide the following:

    • Dated faculty ID card and
    • Recent faculty/staff pay stub

    Any state accredited school can order single-user educational licenses or lab licenses on a school purchase order or procurement card.

    Sending the Proof
    Information regarding where to send your Proof of Educational Status will be automatically e-mailed to you upon receipt of your order. You can also check our Educational Orders FAQ.

    Technical Support
    Novedge does not provide technical support for educational versions of the software. If you need technical support please refer to the manufacturer website for additional information.


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    ZBrush Free Trial Software Download

    Download and test ZBrush before you make your purchasing decision.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    A fantastic program at a great price

    Zbrush is vital for anyone doing CGI work for games or film, anyone looking to do 3D print sculpting or illustrators looking to incorporate 3D renders into their work. It is worth the normal price but the student pricing is a fantastic discount on a must have program. Fantastic all around!

    Amazing software

    This is the 3D software I'm been waiting for all these years. This is definitely the evolution of 3D where the envelope was pushed beyond what was imagined. We can actually now model something that looks real rather than the usual stiff look traditional 3D soft has. It looks real because ZBrush uses the same equation life itself is composed of like fractals, push and pull and you have a organic form that not only looks real but actually is real.

    Great Produkt Great Shop!

    I recently purchased ZBrush 3.5R3 because it is the tool every modeler and sculpter needs in the future. The Amount of possibilities and workflows are nearly unlimited. Also Novedge delivered super fast with all support needed.
    Thank you Novedge, i will keep an eye on your shop for more products !