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Civil Simulate 2.0

3D Visualizations and Simulation for CivilCAD and Civil 3D

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Civil Simulate 2.0 is able to transform any AutoCAD Civil 3D or CivilCAD project into a lifelike 3D environment, allowing navigable drive-through simulation, literally with a single mouse click.

By simply clicking the "Simulate" button, Civil Simulate 2.0 parses raw data from within the drawing to construct an extremely accurate 3D model. Civil Simulate 2.0 independently interprets defined junctions, intersections, roundabouts, and bridges based on project specific parameters. Using an integrated menu within Civil 3D or CivilCAD the designer can easily access simulation properties to define additional parameters.

Using the embedded controller, computer keyboard and mouse or automatic navigation on a predefined path, the user can easily drive through, fly-over, or navigate around the design.

Save Time and Money
Required changes can be done during the design process. Instant feedback enables designers to rapidly explore and array the design options.
Win the Next Job
Impress your perspective clients, use visualization as a major component in winning important projects
Easy to Operate
Intuitive, user-friendly tool, very easy to learn and operate


  • Independent 3D modeler - Civil Simulate obtains raw data from within Civil 3D and CivilCAD including alignment, profile, and assemblies data and independently builds its own 3D model based on the project specific parameters.
  • Intelligent automatic intersections modeling - Even while still in preliminary design stage, Civil Simulate can detect crossing roads and according to defined best practice methods automatically convert them into intersections. Automatic intersections are created only within the simulation without affecting the original design.
  • Automatic bridges creation - Civil Simulate can automatically create a bridge/flyover between two crossing roads. Incorporating customizable parameters, the visualization displays a highly accurate and detailed bridge including columns, girders, wind protectors and barriers.
  • Visualize complex elements - Easily define bridges, roundabouts, junctions, traffic islands etc. to include in your simulation. Civil Simulate does it all with speed, a high accuracy of +/- 2 cm to the CAD model.
  • Improved stability and performance - Proven track record in handling large scale engineering projects.
  • Fully rendered drive through simulations - Hyper realistic drive through simulation on the designed road from the driver's point of view. This feature provides the designer or the observer with a real feel of what driving the proposed road will be like.
  • Aerial Photography / Orthophoto - Ability to superimpose raster images onto the design to give the designer an idea of how the proposed road will be positioned in relation to surrounding environment.
  • Perform and execute accurate measurements - Allows the designer to take accurate measurements in 3D between any two points in the simulation.
  • Carry out advanced safety audits - Perform line-of-sight visibility checks between any two points in the simulation. While drive simulation, observe a travelling object at a given distance, offset and size.
  • Assess and highlight critical points - Mark critical points in the simulation and write corresponding notes to be later referred to in the design.
  • Realistic perspective views - Provides unlimited viewing angles that can be dynamically changed in real time. These views contain a composite/solid triangulation combining both the design and existing surface.

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