V‑Ray 3.6 Academic for Rhino
1‑Year Student License

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User Reviews of V-Ray 3.6 Academic for Rhino

V-Ray 3.6 Academic for Rhino has been reviewed by 15 users, with an average rating of 3.8 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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Love it!
Thomas H Fleetwood August 31, 2015
Love V-Ray! HATE the dongle. You guys need to get rid of that antiquated method of controlling the license.
V-ray for Rhino
Marcela Barreiro October 1, 2010
I love, is perfect. Amazing!
Nice Software
Angeli San Juan June 7, 2009
The best! We're currently using it..
Get ready to kick some bASS!
Webb Nelson April 16, 2008
I've been a very successful toy/product inventor for over 7 years now. This product gives my designs realism like never before. Presenting new Inventions as if they really exist before I build a prototype is pretty powerful stuff.. If you want more power then I would seriously pick up a copy. Want to be a serious competitor of you own creations? Take the plunge and buy it!

Incredible Quality
Ray Bou September 26, 2007
Awesome product! once you understand the way it works, your possibilities become endless.

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