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formZ jr 8.5
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AutoDesSys, Inc.AutoDesSys, Inc.formZ jr 8.5 - One Seat (Quantity 1-10)formZ jr 8.5 - One Seat (Quantity 1-10)Small and Intuitive 3D Modeling with Big CapabilitiesBID-47-25564.03465.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

formZ jr 8.5

Product Review / White Paper
NURBS modeling with formZ
Created June 26, 2015 by formz3D
Join us for this webinar on the organic modeling capabilities in form•Z. We will demonstrate the suite of NURBS tools and how they can be used together to explore, design and deliver a solution. Any design professional who needs an intuitive, easy to
Product Review / White Paper
RenderZone Tips and Tricks
Created February 26, 2015 by formz3D
RenderZone is a plugin for formZ which extends the visualization and rendering capabilities of formZ with a full arsenal of additional tools to assist you with anything from simple scene development to your most demanding rendering needs.
Product Review / White Paper
What's New in formZ 8 Pro
Created September 10, 2014 by formz3D
This video demonstrates the exciting new features of formZ 8 Pro. The new subdivision modeling tools in formZ 8 add a whole new dimension in free form organic modeling. These new form creation capabilities expand upon formZ’s already powerful mode
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #109: FormZ for Architectural Modeling, Rendering and Drawings with Evan Troxel
Created March 26, 2014 by Evan Troxel
Designer Evan Troxel presents specific tools in formZ 7 that make it a very smart tool for conceptual architectural modeling. Parametric tools that are specific to architecture include walls, stairs and more. Other helpful things like working with a
Product Review / White Paper
New in bonzai3d 3.0
Created March 14, 2014 by AutoDesSys, Inc
Over 80 new features including 14 new tools that add functionality for fabrication, 3D printing, NURBS modeling, shape editing, texture mapping and component management.
Additional Product Information
What's new in bonzai 3.0
Created May 9, 2013 by AutoDesSys
bonzai3d 3.0 is a major update to bonzai3d with over 80 new features including 14 new tools that add functionality for fabrication, 3D printing, NURBS modeling, shape editing, texture mapping and component management.
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #14: An Introduction to AutoDesSys bonzai3d
Created March 1, 2011 by Matthew Holewinski
Matthew Holewinski shows how a simple, easy to use application, bonzai3d, is packed with power to accelerate the 3D design process with its intuitive interface, flexible modeling tools, and extensive visualization capabilities.
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